Eight Possibilities for Episode VIII at Star Wars Celebration

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Now that Star Wars: Episode VIII has officially wrapped filming earlier than its July 22nd date (which was previously stated by Mark Hamill), it’s possible that we may get something in the way of a teaser or official title for the film at the Star Wars Celebration in London…

Just yesterday we reported on the wrap party that the cast and crew of Star Wars: Episode VIII held at the National History Museum in London. This is a full week and a half ahead of what Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill confirmed as as wrap date of July 22nd.

With the cast and crew of Episode VIII already in London, and with director Rian Johnson already scheduled to appear on stage with Kathleen Kennedy at a Star Wars Panel at the Star Wars Celebration in London, we could be seeing the set-up for a perfect storm of a Star Wars: Episode VIII reveal.

However, if that were to happen, if something from Star Wars: Episode VIII were to be revealed at the Star Wars Celebration, what would it be? Let’s make some educated speculation, shall we?

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