Star Wars Celebration Europe: Marvel Star Wars Panel Recap


As day-two of the Star Wars Celebration Europe comes to a close, it has become quite clear that the day belonged to Star Wars Rebels, however, there were other spotlight panels to recap, such as the Marvel Star Wars Comics Panel…

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You won’t find the Marvel Star Wars Comics Panel headlining any of the exciting news coming out of day-two of Star Wars Celebration Europe…which is a shame, as Marvel has really done a fantastic job of taking over from Dark Horse and re-surging the various Star Wars comics story-lines back into mainstream media.

No, the day belonged to the Star Wars Rebels panel, as the animated series debuted its Season 3 trailer, along with two other clips, featuring how executive producer Dave Filoni and his team have altered the appearance of his main characters, in order to match the shows ever-evolving and expanding story-arc. Oh, and the show reintroduced Grand Admiral Thrawn into Star Wars canon…so there’s that.

But back to the Marvel Star Wars Panel that hardly anyone seems to be talking about: Thanks to website Star Wars Underworld, we got a look at what went down during the event.

According to SWU, host David Collins talked with Marvel editor Jordan D. White, Darth Vader writer Kieron Gillan, and artist Phil Noto, who revealed preview pages from Star Wars #21 and variant covers for Darth Vader #25 — which will be the final comic in the wildly popular Darth Vader run.

Above is the aforementioned preview pages of Star Wars #21. And below, are the variants for the final Darth Vader — issue #25 (Credit once again to Star Wars Underworld for tweeting the event).

Once again, the Vader team has outdone themselves. The art is stunning, and each variant is collection-worthy.

As we mentioned, it seems as if the Marvel Star Wars Panel took a backseat to Star Wars Rebels, today, which is unfortunate, as the Darth Vader story deserves its own panel, and really should have been the focus and spotlight of perhaps Sunday, when the major events had already come and gone.

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SWU notes that Star Wars #21 will be available on July 20, and Darth Vader #25 (the final issue) comes to stores on August 30, next month.