Star Wars: Episode VIII Doesn’t Have A Title Yet, Says Pablo Hidalgo


Lucasfilm Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo explained why a title for Star Wars: Episode VIII wasn’t announced at Star Wars Celebration Europe: it doesn’t have one yet.

The Future Filmmakers panel, the final event of Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016, was expected to reveal new information about Episode VIII, like a title. When a title was not revealed, many fans were surprised and disappointed. But it turns out there is a simple explanation for why Episode VIII‘s name was not revealed: it doesn’t have one yet.

Lucasfilm Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo took to Twitter to confirm a title for Episode VIII has not yet been chosen.

VIII just wrapped or is almost ready to wrap its initial shoot, meaning Industrial Light & Magic either has just gotten hold of the raw footage, or they have not even begun post-production. Episode VIII as a film technically does not exist yet, making it difficult for the Story Group to develop a title encapsulating its essence.

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Even by the standard set by the release of information about The Force Awakens, July 2016 is early to be receiving a title or really anything beyond behind the scenes photos of Episode VIII. Episode VII‘s title was not revealed until November 2014, a little over a year out from its theatrical release. That same month, the first teaser trailer debuted. Based on that precedent, November of this year may be the earliest we can expect to receive a title or edited footage of Episode VIII. Johnson may even make us wait until Star Wars Celebration Orlando in April 2017, as he promised during the Future Filmmakers panel Episode VIII would be the star of the show there (via

Johnson has been more forthcoming, however, at least in terms of glimpses behind the scenes of Episode VIII (see his Instagram) than J.J. Abrams was with The Force Awakens. He may decide to surprise fans with a title reveal earlier than we anticipate; and if not a title, than perhaps official set photos and concept art used during the and created during the post-production editing process.

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