Winners Of The 2016 Star Wars Fan Film Awards


Seven short films in seven different categories were announced as the winners of the 2016 Star Wars Fan Film Awards at Star Wars Celebration Europe. You can view them all below.

The films you’re about to see are the best of the best, the elite of Star Wars fan films. They are the winners of the 2016 Star Wars Fan Film Awards, the ceremony for which took place at Star Wars Celebration Europe in London earlier this month.

This year the stakes were especially high for filmmakers, because Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, his co-producer John Swartz, and executive producer John Knoll were judging the Filmmaker Select category (via There was also an Audience Choice category, the winner of which fans voted online to determine.

The results of perhaps hundreds of entries in the contest were seven films in seven different categories. We have them all for you below (via

Winner in Filmmaker Select – TK-436: A Stormtrooper Story

Winner in Audience Choice – The Sable Corsair

Winner in Best Animation – The Big Question

Winner in Best Non-Fiction – Force Or Faith

Winner in Spirit of Fandom – Star Wars: Generations

Winner in Best Comedy – Ben In The Desert – Jawas Are Bad Neighbors

Winner in Best Visual Effects – Star Malice Wars

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Fan filmmaking is like cosplay: it’s a field where extreme talent and love for fandom collide. The ability to make a film is laughably easy. Everyone has smartphones these days, and smartphones are usually capable of shooting video, however low quality that video is. But fan filmmakers go a step beyond that. They write scripts for their films, they build costumes, shoot on location, and spend hours, days, even weeks on the computer creating visual and sound effects. And 99%, it’s all a completely profitless, thankless job. Fans keep doing it, though, because they love making films. Like cosplay and collecting and all other aspects of fandom, there’s real passion involved, a true love for the craft.

Star Wars is all about two things: story and the fans. That’s why the Star Wars Fan Filmmaker Awards is so important, because it allows those two things to intersect.

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Which of the winners of the 2016 Star Wars Fan Film Awards is your favorite?