Rogue One Reshoots Finished, Tony Gilroy Leading Editing


The Rogue One reshoots are finished, and post production has begun. Tony Gilroy, writer on The Bourne Identity, is assisting Gareth Edwards with editing.

More developments surrounding the production of the next Star Wars film will probably send some fans into a panic. But there’s really no need to worry, as we explain below.

Actor Riz Ahmed recently confirmed the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story reshoots are over, meaning post production on the film has begun or will soon begin (via Making Star Wars). In the wake of this news, a curious shakeup in the production crew hierarchy has occurred: The Hollywood Reporter reports insiders have said Tony Gilroy, a writer on The Bourne Identity, the director of Bourne Legacy, and a previously uncredited writer on Rogue One, is leading the editing process alongside director Gareth Edwards.

Additionally, THR also reports Gilroy was the “driving force” behind the Rogue One reshoots.

If THR’s insiders are reliable, their information means Rogue One is basically a collaboration now between Gilroy and Edwards, though whether it will be credited that way remains to be seen. In fact, one of THR’s insiders emphasized that the post production editing process will be collaborative, saying, “There are not two separate editing rooms; they are all in there with their ideas… Tony’s a strong force, but they’re all working together.”

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But THR also said Gilroy is taking on a supervisor role during the edits, with Edwards on hand to provide “input.” So it sounds like Gilroy is, more or less, running the show at this point.

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Why Tony Gilroy? The fact he was involved in the Bourne movies, which Frank Marshall, the husband of Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, produced, may provide an answer. Kennedy may have been involved somewhat vicariously in the Bourne movie because of her husband, and consequently gotten to know Gilroy and his skills as a writer and director. Additionally, THR also said Gilroy assisted Edwards with Godzilla, Edwards’s first blockbuster feature film. Both Kennedy and Edwards may have wanted to bring Gilroy in to help with Rogue One, as well.

There’s no reason to panic about Rogue One needing a little extra help getting it to its final cut. Edwards is a young filmmaker, with only a few films under his belt. Gilroy has had far more experience, and it may be experience Rogue One needs to round it off and soften any rough spots. Plus, no matter what you’re creating – a film, a script, even an article – it always helps to have another pair of eyes look at what you’ve got down so far and make sure you haven’t overlooked anything, like awkward pacing or a character who doesn’t quite work.

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It also bodes well for Rogue One itself, that Disney and Lucasfilm are working hard to make it a success. Because it needs to be: Rogue One is the first live action Star Wars spinoff movie made under the Disney/Lucasfilm deal, and it will be the model for any and all other attempts at Star Wars spinoff movies in the future. Disney and Lucasfilm need it to work. And if it working requires all hands to be brought on deck, so be it.