Target Renews Share The Force Marketing Campaign For Rogue One


Target’s Share The Force campaign encourages Star Wars fans to find their inner rebel and buy new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story merchandise.

Last year, Target started the Share the Force marketing campaign to get consumers excited about merchandise related to the new Star Wars film,The Force Awakens. This year, Target is renewing Share the Force in anticipation of the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story products on September 30th.

Watch a new commercial for Share the Force below (via Coffee With Kenobi).

This year, Share the Force is encouraging Star Wars fans to discover their inner rebel. Target also makes it clear that fans of the science fiction franchise come in all genders, ages, and careers, from children to parents to teachers.

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What’s even more special about this Share the Force commercial, is it features a cameo from a real Star Wars fan. The teacher in the commercial is real-life teacher Dan Z., one of the founders of the Coffee With Kenobi blog and a host on the Coffee With Kenobi podcast. Both the blog and the podcast are well-known within Star Wars fan site circles. If you like interviews with other Star Wars fans and thoughtful analysis, check out Dan Z., Corey Clubb, and the rest of the Coffee with Kenobi gang.

So far, the Rogue One Share the Force campaign is more low-key than it was in 2015. Last year, Target started a Share the Force website where fans could upload their favorite Star Wars memories. The memories are now being archived by Lucasfilm, and Target has not announced they are renewing the website.

Additionally, it has not been announced if there will be midnight release events for the new merchandise. only announced that new toys and other Rogue One-themed products will be available in stores September 30th. They did not say fans would be able to line up at stores and get the products as soon as they are stocked.

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Stay tuned to Dork Side as we continue to keep you up to date on new Rogue One products hitting store shelves later this month. In the meantime, share your inner rebel and the Force with us and Target using the hashtag #SharetheForce.