Toys R Us Will Release Rogue One Toys At Midnight On September 30th


Toys R Us is hosting a midnight event on September 30th to usher in the new line of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story toys, apparel, and other Star Wars merchandise.

Toys “R” Us knows how desperately we want those Rogue One toys previewed by Entertainment Weekly. That’s why the retail store will open its doors at midnight on September 30th, the day of the toys’ release, allowing customers to get their hands on the new Star Wars merchandise as soon as humanly possible.

Photo Credit: Toys “R” Us

Customers who pick Toys “R” Us for their midnight Rogue One shopping will receive a free exclusive collector poster and t-shirt, get the chance to meet Geoffrey the Giraffe (the Toys “R” Us mascot), “and more.”

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Last year, Toys R Us and other retailers, like Target and Wal-Mart, held a similar midnight event for the release of The Force Awakens-themed toys called Force Friday. It has not been announced if Target and Wal-Mart are repeating the event this year. For now, Toys “R” Us is the only destination for fans wanting to line up all night to buy Rogue One toys.

The promo for the Rogue One midnight opening has no official title like Force Friday. It is, however, accompanied by the hashtag #GoRogue, the official hashtag for the Rogue One toys. Perhaps the event will be officially dubbed “Go Rogue Friday” or just “Rogue Friday.” For now, Toys “R” Us wants customers to regard them as Destination Star Wars: Rebel Base for the fall and holiday season.

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Keep checking Dork Side of the Force to stay up to date on everything that’s happening regarding Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Look for Rogue One-themed merchandise in stores starting September 30th.