Yahoo’s Exclusive Rogue One Photo Shows Jyn Erso In Shackles


Yahoo!’s exclusive Rogue One: A Star Wars Story set photo shows Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso in shackles.

The closer we get to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘s theater premiere in December, the more official glimpses of the set can be revealed by media outlets. After Entertainment Weekly‘s and Empire‘s exclusive Rogue One coverage over the summer, it was Yahoo!‘s turn this past weekend to show us something new from the standalone Star Wars film.

Yahoo!’s photo from Rogue One is of Felicity Jones’s Jyn Erso sitting with her wrists in shackles. Take a look below.

Image Credit: Yahoo!

The photo confirms something we guessed at from the Rogue One trailers: Jyn Erso, a volatile, lone rebel, is brought to the Rebel Alliance as a prisoner.

There are a few reasons we can safely make the assumption Jyn is on the Alliance base on Yavin IV in Yahoo!’s photo. First, her outfit is the same as it is when she is conferencing with the Alliance high command in the Yavin IV battle room. It is in this battle room that a male high-ranking officer asks her, “Can you be trusted without your shackles?” Furthermore, in the trailers we see her walking around the rebel base with her hands in front of her, like her wrists are cuffed. Yahoo!’s photo corroborates visually that she is indeed shackled. Finally, Jyn’s environment in the above photo is dark stone, with tree roots in the background. Yavin IV is a forest or jungle planet, with ancient stone temples serving as the Alliance’s makeshift base.

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Why did the rebels put Jyn in shackles? We know she is made a sergeant in order to lead the mission to steal the Death Star plans; the Alliance clearly trusts her to a certain degree by that point in the film. What is it about her they don’t trust in the beginning, when she first arrives on Yavin IV? Is it because she is rebellious to the point of despising all forms of authority, including the Rebellion, or is it because she has a history with the Empire? My theory that Jyn is a double agent looks all the more likely if the Rebel Alliance considers working with her a risk. Their rocky relationship, and Jyn’s past, could be working together to set us up for a devastating betrayal.

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Why do you think the Rebel Alliance doesn’t fully trust Jyn Erso? Do you think they are wise in trusting her at all? Talk to us in the comments below.