Watch A New Clip From Star Wars Rebels: The Last Battle


In a new clip of the next episode in Star Wars Rebels season 3, “The Last Battle,” Captain Rex is forced to confront the ghosts of his past.

The Clone Wars aren’t over yet. At least, that’s what the Super Tactical Droid in the next episode of Star Wars Rebels season 3, “The Last Battle,” thinks.

In the clip below, Captain Rex, Kanan, and Ezra are prisoners of Clone Wars-era droids hellbent on earning a decisive victory for the now-defunct Separatist army. Not only do the rebels have to worry about the “clankers,” they have to overcome Rex’s flashbacks upon seeing these ghosts from his past. Check it out.

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When it comes to the Clone Wars, no one really thinks about how the clones feel about it. We did learn from The Clone Wars television series that the mass-produced Republic soldiers were fully-realized individuals, not mere copies of their original model. But the clip above shows that Captain Rex and the rest of the clones are just like any other soldier. They still think about the battles they fought in. Sometimes their memories of the war are fearful like Rex’s in the clip above when he wakes up and thinks the war is still going on.

Someone on Twitter mentioned PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) with regards to Rex’s reaction to the droids in this clip. PTSD seems to be exactly what Rex is going through. Even though I’m afraid for Rex, Kanan, and Ezra, I’m happy to see Rex experiencing real world feelings. He’s tough, but he’s human. He’s a fully-fleshed character, which is one of the enriching elements that make Star Wars stand apart from other franchises.

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Star Wars Rebels “The Last Battle” premieres at 8:30 pm EST on Saturday, October 22nd on Disney XD. If you subscribe to the Disney XD WATCH app, you will be able to watch the episode even earlier. As always, look for our recap of the episode the following Sunday.