Watch: Star Wars Rebels Clip “Iron Squadron”


In a run-in with Imperial forces, The Ghost crew helps rescue a group called Iron Squadron, whose leader sounds like a kid. Watch the clip of Star Wars Rebels: “Iron Squadron” below.

The next episode in Star Wars Rebels season 3 doesn’t premiere until November 19th. But the Disney XD YouTube channel has already put up a clip of the episode, titled “Iron Squadron,” for us to speculate on. Check it out below.

It appears that in this episode, The Ghost crew encounters a new group of rebels against the Empire that calls themselves the Iron Squadron. The problem is, the voice of Iron Squadron’s leader doesn’t exactly fit the steel in his group’s name. As Kanan notes, the leader’s voice sounds like a kid’s; probably one no older than Ezra, who is seventeen.

Kids are no strangers to conflict in Star Wars. During the prequel era, Jedi Padawans were trained from a very young age to be warriors and peacekeepers. Clone troopers barely experienced any childhood at all as they were rushed through their initial growth stages. Moreover, in Star Wars Rebels Ezra and Sabine are teenagers. So a rebel unit lead by a young person is not out of the realm of possibility.

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The problem with young people being put into positions of leadership is, of course, their lack of experience. Ezra and Sabine are only just being allowed to go on solo missions in season 3, after having proved themselves capable of handling big responsibilities like life and death. Plus, they always have Kanan, Hera, and Zeb to lean on for help.

But a kid being a leader of an entire squadron, with no qualms about bombing an Imperial vessel with his cargo, is trouble. The fact the Iron Squadron leader didn’t escape the Empire when he had the chance says his decisions aren’t exactly based on rationality or prudence. And the fact he succeeded in his bold move says he is good enough at what he does to be dangerous. I have a feeling this new episode will see The Ghost crew trying to knock some sense into this young, unnamed insurrectionist.

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Star Wars Rebels: “Iron Squadron” premieres on Disney XD on November 19th.