Watch: New Star Wars Rebels Clip “Thrawn’s Next Move”


Grand Admiral Thrawn will return in the November 19th episode of Star Wars Rebels season 3, “Iron Squadron.” Watch him plot against the rebels in the clip “Thrawn’s Next Move” below.

In the next episode of Star Wars Rebels season 3, “Iron Squadron,” Grand Admiral Thrawn continues in his plan to pick the fledgling rebellion apart. Watch a clip from the episode, titled “Thrawn’s Next Move,” below.

In “Iron Squadron,” the rebels and the Empire discover a new group of insurgents called Iron Squadron. This pocket of resistance is pushing back against the Imperial occupation of their planet. In a clip revealed by Disney XD yesterday, we saw Phoenix Squadron and The Ghost show up above the occupied planet just in time to help Iron Squadron defeat  a force of Imperial fighters.

Unfortunately, the rebels’ heroism has attracted the attention of Thrawn, who is delighted to find The Ghost crew once again at his fingertips. In the clip above, Thrawn sends his ship’s commander on a solo mission to the occupied planet. Presumably, the commander’s vessel will serve as bait for Iron Squadron and/or The Ghost to attack. But it’s impossible to tell from this one scene what Thrawn really has cooking in that genius mind of his.

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I love whenever Thrawn comes onto Star Wars Rebels. I have always enjoyed the character, from his very first appearance in the Legends book trilogy Heir to the Empire. On-screen, he is even more of a guilty pleasure. His low, smooth voice and cultured accent, his love for the arts and seemingly infinite patience – all contribute to a powerful villainous presence we have not seen the likes of before in the Star Wars Rebels series.

More than anything else, though, I love Thrawn’s unpredictability. He is playing the long game in defeating the rebellion. He is getting to know every aspect of them so he can utterly destroy them when the time is right. How he will accomplish this, however, is still a mystery. But even though we know he doesn’t destroy the Rebellion as a whole, I would not be surprised if he greatly crippled them or one of their factions. A faction, such as The Ghost crew.

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Star Wars Rebels “Iron Squadron” premieres on Disney XD on November 19th.