Star Wars: Episode VIII’s Laura Dern Reflects Upon the Legacy of Carrie Fisher


Laura Dern plays a yet unknown role in Star Wars Episode VIII, and like the rest of the Star Wars world remains in awe of Carrie Fisher.

We’ve known for quite a while that veteran actress Laura Dern would have a role in next December’s Star Wars: Episode VIII, and even got a glimpse into her potential role in the yet untitled episode. And while Dern herself remains secretive about her role in the film, one thing she is talking about: working with the recently passed, Carrie Fisher.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Dern reflected upon Fisher’s legacy beyond Star Wars;

"We put a lot of focus currently on what it is to be a female icon, what it is to use your voice, what it is to be comfortable in your own skin. She has always been one of the most extraordinary beacons, an original screen icon."

There will be no argument here. Carrie Fisher remains one of the standout female icons of film, and one who was always comfortable being who she was, flaws and all. Dern posted the following on Instagram upon hearing the news that her Episode VIII co-star had passed away.

Dern also recalled dressing up as Princess Leia as a kid, something she believes she was not alone in doing.

"I don’t know any of us who didn’t play Princess Leia for a Halloween, or in our life. What an incredible gift to… witness that whole legacy."

Indeed. We count ourselves lucky to have been able to witness the life and work of Fisher who appears to have inspired more than her fair share of fans and celebrities alike with her portrayal of Princess Leia. Dern also mentioned, that while she, of course, can’t reveal any details of her role in the upcoming film, she is “having the time of my life” on set.

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Episode VIII is due in theaters December 2017. Fisher’s role in the remaining two films of the recent trilogy appears to still be in flux, as Disney/Lucasfilm grapples with the sudden death of the Star Wars icon. Fisher passed away after a massive heart attack, this past December.