Star Wars Rebels: Through Imperial Eyes is online now, multiple clips released as well


The newest episode of Star Wars Rebels season 3, “Through Imperial Eyes” is now available to watch, and, multiple clips have been released….

The second half of Star Wars Rebels season 3 just got a whole lot more serious for our favorite band of Rebels and their intricate spy network. The head of that deeply embedded spy network — Fulcrum — has been Agent Kallus for the entirety of season 3, but now, with this week’s newest episode, “Through Imperial Eyes,” Kallus’ job, and more importantly, his life, is in jeopardy.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Wars Rebels: Through Imperial Eyes from here on out. The clips we’re about to review were uploaded to the official Star Wars Rebels YouTube channel, and the synopsis and plot, as I mentioned, spell dire consequences for Kallus’ days as Fulcrum.

This first clip shows Ezra being captured by an Imperial Star Destroyer with Agent Kallus aboard:

Here, Kallus pretends to interrogate Ezra:

And now Kallus frees Ezra from the holding cell aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer, just as Grand Admiral Thrawn is making his way aboard:

Kallus and Ezra decide to infiltrate Grand Admiral Thrawn’s office to erase the location of the Rebels’ planet from Thrawn’s computer, as well as send Kanan and Rex a transmission (presumably for help).

And finally, we have Grand Admiral Thrawn at his absolute finest. Here, we finally get to see the control and mastery that Thrawn is legendary for, as he and Colonel Yularen figure out just who Fulcrum really is:

I absolutely love these clips, as they show a side of Thrawn that I’ve been longing to see: The Grand Admiral Thrawn from Timothy Zahn’s novels. You can watch Star Wars Rebels: Through Imperial Eyes right now on Disney XD’s website, or just wait for the episode to air tonight on Disney XD.

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