Are any of the eight live-action Star Wars movies on Netflix?


Are any of the eight Star Wars movies on Netflix? If not, why not? And is there any content from the galaxy far, far away on Netflix at all? We answer all of the above below.

Viewers who want to watch the Star Wars movies without having to purchase them on Blu-Ray might turn to Netflix, one of the most popular digital streaming services in the United States. But while you will find other popular Disney-owned films like Pixar’s Finding Dory and The Jungle Book (2016), you won’t find Rogue One or any of the saga movies.

You will, however, find The Clone Wars animated television series and its accompanying film. They are not the same as  Rogue One or one of the saga Episodes, but they are quick ways to get a Star Wars fix if Netflix is your only resource.

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There is hope that other Star Wars content will make it to Netflix eventually. Per the terms of a deal Disney made with Netflix in 2016, the streaming company has the rights to stream the Mouse’s latest films. This includes Rogue One and any other Star Wars films that follow it. The deal does not, however, include The Force Awakens because Starz currently has the streaming rights for it. Similarly, Netflix does not appear to have the rights to stream the original six saga films, either.

But, as with all things in the galaxy far, far away, there is always hope. For now, Netflix users should look forward to more Lucasfilm titles becoming available to stream in the near future.