Han Solo Star Wars Story: Video of filming speeder chase leaked


An all-new video of filming a speeder chase scene on the set of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story has surfaced…

This may be the year of The Last Jedi, but recent on-set photos of Alden Ehrenreich filming scenes as a young Han Solo on the untitled Star Wars Story have been the hottest topic lately. And now, thanks to Making Star Wars, we have a video showing what appears to be the crew filming a speeder chase at Fawley Power Station in England.

The video (which you can see here), filmed by a “friend” of the site — Robin Davis — is just over a minute in length and shows the camera truck, as well as the truck towing what appears to be Han Solo’s speeder, preparing for a very short scene.

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The speeders in these leaked photos and now, video, seem to have that retro Star Wars feel to them. They aren’t polished and clean, shiny and new-looking, like in the Star Wars Prequels, but rather, they look to be taking on a bit of that Rogue One / A New Hope kind of vibe.

While we don’t know the context of this shoot, it does seem as if Han’s speeder is being chased by another vehicle that looks to be military in nature. Could this be Han Solo escaping arrest from the Empire?

Regardless, little nuggets like these help to fill the time until this December 15, when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters worldwide. The untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story will debut on may 25, 2018.