Go behind enemy lines with the Inferno Squad


The Inferno Squad takes readers behind enemy lines. My first impressions of the novel…

When I received a phone notification at 11:00 p.m late Monday night that Battlefront II: Inferno Squad had downloaded to my phone, I nearly leaped for joy. Like any other Star Wars content, I had been itching to get my hands on Inferno Squad.

This novel is unique, like Star Wars: Lost Stars by Claudia Gray before it, because the readers get a look into the life of the every day Imperial (aka the bad guys) really for the first time. Often we get the mindset and thoughts of major characters such as Darth Vader and the Emperor, displayed in Tarkin, Lords of the Sith, and a vast amount of legends material.

These two novels are different since we get the everyday Joe Schmoe’s perspective. Not only do we get their thoughts and motives, but we develop empathy for these characters. In this non-spoiler review, we take a journey through the point of view of the main character, Iden Versio

The novel picks up in the midst of the events of the Battle of Yavin, where we first meet Versio. After the conclusion of the Rebel Alliance victory over the Empire, she is selected for an elite special ops team called Inferno Squad.

Along with three others, this team’s job is to go undercover for the Empire and complete their mission at all costs.

Inferno Squad’s mission is to wipe out the remaining members of Saw Gerrera’s team who survived the Jedha massacre shown in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. 

You are literally taken behind enemy lines when the Inferno Squad goes undercover within the remnant of Gerrera’s partisans. The reader is at the edge of their seat the whole time, wondering if the squad will be discovered for who they really are.

Like her novel Dark Disciple, where the noble Jedi Knights cross into the gray area and on into the black to complete their mission, Christie Golden does the same with the Imperials in this novel.

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Inferno Squad does some straight up evil deeds and uses the art of deception to complete their tasks. They do not mess around. Golden, even in the midst of the disturbing behavior of Inferno Squad, effectively creates depth within them that makes you really feel their pain and motivations.

Clone Wars fans will also be happy with the return of a character from the animated series. There is also a huge pay off if you’ve read the novel Rebels Rising, a prequel to Rogue One. Once again, the Lucasfilm Story Group showing that having an established canon pays off, especially for those who consume all of the material.

A prequel to the one player story mode of the upcoming Battlefront II video game, Inferno Squad’s story will continue that game. Battlefront II: Inferno Squad is in stores now and is a must-read for all Star Wars fans. Stay tuned for a full spoiler review in the next few days.