We definitely need a Boba Fett Star Wars standalone film


We might get a Boba Fett Star Wars standalone film, and we are totally on board for that!

In wake of the announcement of the Obi-Wan standalone movie we also learned there could be a Boba Fett film in the works. Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the House of the Mouse has been cranking movies out left and right and we’ve been impressed with each one.

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Now, since this movie is going to be about Boba Fett’s life we might reasonably assume there will be two possible timelines — the years between The Clone Wars and A New Hope and the years after The Return of the Jedi. The time between The Clone Wars and A New Hope would be

The period between The Clone Wars and A New Hope would be more logical, as we will be able to see him utilize the training his father (Jango Fett) gave him, as well as witness the key events that made him the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy.

We could also see how he escaped and survived the Sarlacc Pit in The Return of the Jedi and how he lived his remaining years in the wake of the destruction of the Empire. Did he continue to use his skills for money? Or, is there a possibility that he had a son and passed the mantle along to him to bring about another generation of fear, as the lineage of Boba Fett continued on?

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If Ob-Wan does get his own standalone movie, the earliest chance a Fett film would hit the big-screen would be well after Episode IX, with a possible 2021 release date.