Donald Glover has finished filming Lando’s scenes in Star Wars: Han Solo


That’s a wrap for Donald Glover on the set of Star Wars: Han Solo…

Ron Howard has fully embraced his role as the new director of the untitled Han Solo Star Wars film. The Academy Award-winning director has now posted various on-set photos from the set of Han Solo, calming the concerns of Star Wars fans across the globe.

Early this morning, Howard posted an on-set photo of himself with Donald Glover, who will be playing the role of a young Lando Calrissian in the film.

This recent tweet presents a few telling signs, that may not be directly visible on the surface. There is a strong possibility that Lando is only in the film for just a short, but crucial period.  Han Solo most likely will spend time on Kessel, where I believe is the location that he rescues Chewbacca, then embarks on his famous Kessel run, during their escape. Plus, with recent photos of Wookiees shown by Howard from the set, Han and Chewie will most likely venture to the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk. That leaves Lando out of a good chunk of the film.

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With Glover now finished with his portion of Han Solo, does that mean the rest of the crew is not too far behind? If so, we could get our very first trailer, which I personally hope will be shown during the previews forThe Last Jedi when it arrives in theaters this December.

The talented Glover, I believe, will be what takes this film to a whole new level. Billie Dee Williams played the iconic Lando with charm and brilliance back in the early 80’s, giving the young actor a great template to work from.

Glover is such a diverse and charismatic actor, who has ventured into many different genres including comedy, drama (where he won best director and best actor for the TV series Atlanta), and even as a Grammy award-nominated rapper, where he goes by the alias of Childish Gambino. He also voiced Jedi Master Mace Windu in the animated comedy series Robot Chicken.

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It’s awesome seeing Ron Howard so open and active with Star Wars fans, making me really appreciate the great access we have with him, as well easing my doubts with all the previous chaos surrounding the project.