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More on Entertainment Weekly’s lead Star Wars correspondent Anthony Breznican’s behind the scenes exclusive access to The Last Jedi…

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, the long wait for The Last Jedi has not been so bad, with the magazine releasing its coverage for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, brought to you by its lead Star Wars correspondent Anthony Breznican.

Breznican, gave us the ultimate goods, with some fantastic access behind the scenes of the latest Star Wars saga film. From cover reveals, to the volatile Chewbacca, with Rey helping Luke face the demons of his haunted past, with Finn being a big deal, to the mysterious D.J., the reveal of a thin grey line between the Dark Side and the Light, with Snoke’s increased presence, and the send-off of our beloved Princess (Leia).

If that wasn’t enough, Breznican gave us some more insider information, when he caught up with Steele Saunders in a recent podcast interview.

When talking with Rian Johnson — director and writer for The Last Jedi — Breznican brought up the idea of the hero’s theme, which ended up being a huge part of his exclusive piece. “Never meet your heroes, they will only disappoint you,” is where we will find Rey when she first encounters Luke at the onset of Episode VIII. Johnson discussed that he sees much of Rey within himself, with Breznican revealing part of their long conversation.

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"It’s a meta way of me talking about meeting my own heroes. Showing up on set and there’s Luke Skywalker. There’s Leia. There’s Chewie. Unfortunately no Han Solo for obvious reasons. He has to create a story in which Luke Skywalker is not the strong hero that we remember. He has to give him a new journey. What do you do to make him interesting? And give him an arc to rise to again. And you break the hero, he’s a broken man and you have to come back from that."

One topic that created some major buzz was Mark Hamill’s comment about Kylo Ren being “the chosen one”, which Breznican really didn’t give much thought on being connected to Anakin’s prophecy in the Prequels. He explained that Hamill most likely meant that there is a chosen one for each generation of Force users and that Luke had put all of his hope for the Jedi Order into his nephew, like Yoda and old Ben once did with him, with it backfiring resulting in dire and dark consequences for the galaxy.

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Apparently, Johnson was very thorough during that entire discussion, carrying their conversation much longer than they initially planned, unlike Breznican’s similar interview just prior to the release of The Force Awakens with J.J. Abrams.

"We talked for twice as long as we were scheduled to and that’s why we had so many stories because he was willing to talk so much. J.J. kept his cards much more closer to his chest. He was more concerned about things being spoilers than Rian. More comfortable just talking about the movie. A little less self-constrained. J.J. had more things he was not willing to talk about than Rian. We just had different conversations."

Breznican discussed the reason for the two conversations going a different direction, which was due to the fact of there being less pressure this time around, with a lot less to keep under-wraps.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

L to R: Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)

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One thing, among many, that fans are itching to know is the answer to who is the last Jedi? Ironically that is a question that Breznican poses in his EW exclusive, but never answers it: “who is the last Jedi and we don’t answer it. That’s for the movie to answer. That is a very deliberate title. I think we will know at the end if there is a last Jedi or not.”

Breznican also speculated, like we all have, if this sequel trilogy is it for the saga  portion of Star Wars films.

"I don’t think there will be a final scene. I think these characters will continue as long as the actors are willing to play them."

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The wait is nearly over, when The Last Jedi finally hits theaters December 15.