Details surface on a new Star Wars animated series


New information emerges on the announcement date for the next Star Wars animated series…

When Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended prematurely, it was hard to overcome the grief and loss felt with that sad piece of news, but fortunately, Lucasfilm gave us the Lost Missions in 2014, with also a plethora of extended Clone Wars content to this date.

Also in 2014, fans were pleasantly surprised with the release of Star Wars Rebels, which has given fans a bit of nostalgia replacing the void left by the Clone Wars while being a show able to stand alone with its amazing storytelling.

Now with Rebels ending in 2018, it’s generated buzz and speculation on what is next within the Star Wars animated realm. Are we going to get some stories of Luke’s Jedi Academy set in between the time-frame of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens? Or better yet, will we finally get the wanted Knights of the Old Republic, which could feature Darth Bane, Revan, and so many favorite Legends characters?

While the theme of the next animated series still up in the air, we’ve had more details surface, thanks to Lucasfilm Story Group director Pablo Hidalgo, on when the announcement might possibly be, while discussing this at a recent Star Wars panel.

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"The animation department is hard at work, working on what comes next. We have stuff in the works that will be coming out. Perhaps next time we all get together at Star Wars Celebration and Dave Filoni can properly introduce it. He’s the man that should have the honors to talk about what’s coming up next."

The next Star Wars Celebration will not take place until sometime in 2019, which is most likely the time that all of these Lucasfilm members will be together on a big stage, bringing with them news on what is next for Star Wars animation.

Likely candidates are post-Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker stories, Knights of the Old Republic, or even a Yoda series, which would be the best venue to reveal his origins. In fact, the best of both worlds could use Yoda as the means of introducing the KOTOR era, which would give us familiarity, while at the same time venturing into the unknown regions of this mysterious time era.

Odds are that Dave Filoni and company are well into development of the story, if not already recording episodes and voice overs.

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