Forces of Destiny: Han Solo, Finn to make appearances in upcoming episodes


Forces of Destiny returns to a galaxy far, far away with some familiar faces…

In the latest Issue of the Star Wars Insider magazine, details on the animated short-series Forces of Destiny revealed that we will get a dose of more characters from the films, including two well-known male characters, Han Solo and defective Stormtrooper now known as Finn. You can purchase Issue #174 here to read more details yourself.

A YouTube video recently showed a preview for Forces of Destiny, which displayed a return date of October 1st, stating that new episodes would be shown prior to Star Wars Rebels on a continual basis this fall season. That video has now been taken down and there is no official confirmation on this date by Disney/Lucasfilm, but that potential news has me excited to watch more of these animated shorts, as well as get even more geared up for Rebels Season 4.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

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Geared towards a younger audience, these short 3-4 minute episodes are a lot of fun, so don’t expect the maturity that you see in The Clone Wars or even Rebels. My only criticism up to this point is the animation style of Anakin shown in the episode The Padawan Path, where Anakin is lacking the bad ass scar he received inRevenge of the Sith, which gives him a more an effeminate look.

I am 100% about the empowering of women and love that they now have a place of power and strong voice within the Star Wars universe, which has been a long time coming. However, there is no need to turn the manliest of men, Anakin, into a little emo, scar-less punk, hindering the masculinity shown in The Clone Wars and especially Episode III. Thank the Maker for Matt Lanter returning to voice Anakin or this could have been a complete disaster.

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If you are late the party or have been holding out, you can watch all of the episodes of Forces of Destiny here in one place.

Forces of Destiny will debut this fall, maybe as soon as October 1st, where you can watch the episodes on Disney XD, along with Star Wars Rebels.