Mark Hamill teases Star Wars fans on Twitter


Mark Hamill has been enjoying fan edits of he and the rest of The Last Jedi cast…

When you’re Luke freaking Skywalker, you can pretty much do whatever you want, which is what Mark Hamill does on a day to day basis. The ultimate trickster and Twitter troll himself is active like never before, embracing and enjoying the teasing of his followers. This time around, his fans have been doing some trolling of their own, altering images of Hamill, as well as other The Last Jedi cast members, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by “Hamill Himself.”

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In a fun “inner-dialogue”, Hamill recognizes the creative fan art, telling his fans to bring it on — which he may have opened Pandora’s box by saying that. My two favorites from above are no doubt The Office parody and the Jar Jar Binks outline, which is sure to sit well with the many Jar Jar lovers out there — speaking of the Gungan, have you learned of what happened to the “lovable” creature within the Star Wars canon? You can read his tragic story here. 

Recently, Hamill “accidentally” spilled the beans on when the trailer for The Last Jedi would drop, which ended up being a 100 % accurate in its prediction. Speaking of that new trailer, have you seen it? If you’ve been too busy exploring the Unknown Regions and missed it, you can check it out here:

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Do you have any Hamill or The Last Jedi parodies of your own? Share those with us on our social media pages and if it is tasteful, we will be sure to spread the love, sharing it with our many followers. Or do you agree with the grumpy Luke Skywalker and feel it’s time for the #TheLastJedi poster parodies to end?

If you haven’t purchased tickets for The Last Jedi, you can learn how to do that here.