(Video) Watch Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Volume 1


Disney has released the first full episode of Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Volume 1…

Maz Kanata is back to tell stories of great bravery and heroism from some of the greatest heroines in the Star Wars universe in Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Volume 1. From Rey to Sabine and from Padme to her daughter Leia, and finally, Ahsoka, these stories are absolutely fantastic. Check it out:

The first story featuring Rey and BB-8 is great, as it deals with that little sand monster from The Force Awakens with the little red eyes, which, as it turns out, is quite a large monster just hiding beneath the sand.

Next, we have Sabine from Star Wars Rebels trying to recruit her old friend Ketsu into the fight against the Empire, hoping she’ll help her deliver food for the Rebellion. It’s another great story that spotlights the bonds of sisterhood.

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Jyn Erso makes an appearance in the next episode, as she takes down some Stormtroopers who stole a little girl’s pet. Jyn returns the girl’s pet, and the day is saved. It’s a tale of heroism we saw from her in Rogue One. Jyn was never one to back down from a fight.

Our fourth story is all about teamwork, as Padme and Ahsoka are surprise attacked by a separatist droid during practicing maneuvers in their starships. This tale shows a stronger side of Padme not shown in the Prequel Trilogy and is helped along by R2.

Sabine and Leia team up in the next tale as Leia has a data tape of Empirical bases she needs to get to the Rebellion. All things seem to be going fine until IG-88 shows up and ruins the party.  Still, the two work together to defeat their enemy and escape with the goods.

The last few stories include Rey on the Melinnium Falcon with Finn, BB-8, Han and Chewie as they have to get rid of a bomb before it explodes. Next, Leia helps the Ewoks defeat some Stormtroopers, and finally, Ahsoka learns a valuable lesson from Yoda.

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Once again, Disney has struck the mark with these tales, as they empower young women to go for what they want and proves that they are just as strong and important as the men.