Star Wars Rebels: Don’t expect Han Solo in season four


Dave Filoni — Directing Supervisor for Star Wars Rebels — says not to expect our favorite scoundrel during season four…

A possible connection of Han Solo was spotted within the Topps Journey to The Last Jedi checklist, indicating we could get an appearance of Solo in Rebels season four. Dave Filoni recently discussed Solo’s place within Star Wars Rebels, possibly shooting down these rumors:

"We already had Lando in our show, but we have to be careful about it being a variety show. We’ve had a lot of characters come in and out and I always get worried about small galaxy syndrome."

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Personally, I would love to see an appearance from that famous YT-model freighter, a certain smuggler, and his Wookiee companion. However, I’m glad that Filoni takes great care in how and when he uses iconic Star Wars characters, being careful not to water them down.

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So far, he’s done a flawless job of peppering Darth Vader into episodes here and there, being careful not to allow his shadow to drown out members of the Ghost crew. He did the same with Maul, whose presence loomed largely, but didn’t take over the flow of Ezra’s journey, which is the central arc of the show.

It would be fun to have the Ghost and the Falcon face off in Rebels, which Filoni has pipe dreams of himself.

"I’ve had rather large arguments about which ship is better, the Ghost or the Falcon, but that doesn’t really seem relevant for anything the Rebels are doing."

Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit the current story, so Filoni is staying away from it. A wise move from the former Padawan of George Lucas himself.

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We are now four episodes deep into the final season of Star Wars Rebels, which you can learn how to catch up on them for free here.