Major Rogue One connections in the latest Star Wars Rebels

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Suffering worlds across the galaxy

Shifting gears to Ezra and Mon Mothma. The Lieutenant Commander pleads for Mothma’s assistance in aiding his homeworld of Lothal. She then informs the young Jedi learner that thousands of worlds are suffering like his. Plus, the Alliance is not ready for open warfare against the Empire.

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Speaking of Ezra, he and Sabine are forced to flee with Gerrera after a mission of theirs go wrong. The partisan saves the day, including the duo in the process.

During the episode, it’s clear that Ezra’s torn on whether to take the peaceful measures of Mothma or the ruthless tactics of Gerrera.

Working together, they destroy a Star Destroyer and a communications signal of the Empire in the process. Gerrera then leaves with his partisan member Two-Tubes, leaving quite the impression on Ezra.

The episode concludes with Ezra telling Gerrera to fight the war his way, while the Alliance will fight it theirs.  Will the Dark Side consume him like the image of the Grand Inquisitor predicted or will Ezra take the righteous path of the Light Side of the Force like he displayed here?

Going forward, this will be a significant theme for Ezra on how he chooses to fight. Ezra was faced with a decision to save Imperial prisoners and risked his life to do so, showing that his path is still closer to the Light.

Also, with Gerrera’s substantial presence in Rebels, who from Rogue One will appear next? My bet would be on Cassian Andor and K-2S0. 

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Star Wars: Rebels continues this Sunday, with two more episodes:The Occupation and Flight of the Defender.

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