The Last Jedi: Images of Snoke’s throne room surface


Surfaced photos lead to rumors and theories for The Last Jedi.

With all the theories surrounding Supreme Leader Snoke for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, new onset images of Snoke’s throne room have surfaced, with new rumors circulating over what or who Snoke is.

The device pictured above behind Daisy Ridley is from Snoke’s Throne Room. Snoke may use it to drain force users of their abilities.

The “torture” scene we’ve seen in the most recent The Last Jedi trailer could be depicting Snoke attempting to drain Rey of her powers. Now Force draining is something that has existed in Star Wars Legends for quite some time but hasn’t yet been seen in the canon.

Lucasfilm has previously shown an interest in bringing elements from the Legends it favors into official Canon, which has been evidenced with Grand Admiral Thrawn being introduced in Star Wars Rebels.

Force drain was introduced in Legends material pertaining to the KOTOR (Knights of The Old Republic). Sith Lords Such as Darth Revan, Darth Bane, and Darth Nihilus all used some form of Force drain.

Although these Sith Lords learned the technique and didn’t use a device to perform the feat, perhaps Snoke is not powerful enough to do this himself.

Perhaps these if these rumors are true.

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If Snoke is this ancient Sith entity, this may be Lucasfilm’s way to spin a KOTOR film or series directly from the this Trilogy of Saga films.

This is a strategy that is familiar for Lucasfilm. George Lucas was able to revisit Star Wars with a prequel trilogy focusing on his Original Trilogy’s main villain.

Even if these theories and rumors are incorrect.

It’s clear that the device in Snoke’s throne room is essential. It was important enough to include in the Hasbro BB-8 Mega-Play set. You can see from the picture above; the device is housing some iteration of Force power. This detail wouldn’t be added if this device was merely background decor.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres world-wide on December 15, where the mysterious Snoke will step out of the shadows.