Disney: Star Tours is making exciting changes


Disney and Star Wars are making drastic changes to Star Tours, greatly improving the experience.

Starting this week at both the Disneyland and Disney World locations, Star Wars Star Tours will feature a new destination. The ride now features the planet Crait from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Rumors are circulating that this is just one of several planned changes for the attraction.

Other rumors surrounding the ride

One of those rumors is that riders will be given a choice in their Adventure. Riders can choose between a Sequel Trilogy experience (Episodes 7-9) or a Prequel to Original Trilogy experience (Episodes 1-6).

Now, this would be in place of the current format of the ride that chooses saga destinations at random. Although the randomization of the ride gave it greater re-rideability, riders might hop on twice in succession for each version.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and Disney

The ride will also receive a new introductory sequence featuring BB-8 for the Sequel trilogy experience. As more films release, we’re sure to get the variable programming we’ve seen previously on the ride.

The move by Disney is clearly an attempt to give younger fans an experience they can more readily recognize.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and Disney

The initial reaction from fans

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Although many fans of the attraction have been lamenting the change, keeping the two different eras of Star Wars separate maybe be a good thing.

In keeping with the continuity of the films, it doesn’t make sense to see a Sequel Trilogy sequence before or after a sequence featuring the Original or Prequel Trilogy.

Also, it will give older fans the chance to choose a nostalgic ride with the only Original Trilogy sequences and younger fans a Sequel Trilogy ride.

With all the changes sweeping across both Disneyland and Disney World, Star Tours received just a minor tweak.

With the new all-immersive Star Wars Galaxies Edge set to open in 2019, there’s sure to be more changes coming to the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

But if they’re going to make changes…

One change we all wish could be permanent is to receive a pre-flight greeting like this:

Once again, Mark Hamill himself is embracing his inner Star Wars self, interacting and having fun with fans of a galaxy far, far away.

Next: Disney has announced a live-action Star Wars TV series!

What are you looking forward to the most? Do you like the recent Star Wars Star Tours changes? Tell us in the comments below and on our social media pages. May the Force be with you.