Star Wars: The Last Jedi displays parallels to the past

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Photo Credit: Marvel; Lucasfilm

A Jedi’s Hubris…

Jocasta Nu then returns to Coruscant, in order to retrieve a list of all Force-sensitive children in the Galaxy.  She aims to rebuild the Jedi Order herself.

It is in these moments that she shows her Hubris, the Hubris that all Jedi tend to develop.

Some tasks are outside the scope of one’s abilities. The task Jocasta Nu sets herself on is not for a Jedi who’s been far too long away from the battlefields. It is a task she is not skilled enough to accomplish.

Photo Credit: Marvel; Lucasfilm

It is also a task for someone not as easily distracted as formerly Jedi’s Archivist.

She puts her entire mission in jeopardy when she cannot ignore the Grand Inquisitor treating volumes of the Archive with disrespect. This action will directly lead to the failure of her mission.

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Also, this harkens to Luke taking on Ben Solo as his apprentice. Luke was not yet prepared as a Master to deal with the Dark Side residing in his nephew.

He was not humble enough to realize it. When he saw the true nature of the darkness residing in Ben, he grew afraid.

Not just in the darkness in Ben, but in his failures as his teacher.

And it further parallels Obi-Wan’s taking on Anakin as an apprentice, despite the Jedi Council’s wishes.

Obi-Wan was able to correct his mistake in introducing Luke to the ways of the Force and directing him to Yoda.

This would guarantee that the Jedi would endure. However, it was training Anakin that directly lead to their destruction.

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There are more links to Star Wars history in The Last Jedi than fans of the series want to give the film credit. The more we watch the film, the more we can uncover. It’s just a matter of reading between the lines.