The Last Jedi: Will the Millennium Falcon be the next big loss in Star Wars?


With the big three of Star Wars gone after The Last Jedi, what iconic Star Wars icon will be the next to become one with the Force?

Kicking off with Star Wars: The Force Awakens and continuing with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the trend of “let the pass die” is in full effect. The big three of Star Wars are now one with the Force, starting with Kylo Ren destroying Han Solo, which still lingers and stings quite a bit.

Then with Luke Skywalker going all legend on the galaxy, with his heroics of saving the Resistance during the Battle of Crait. Finally, the real-life Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher, has passed away in an untimely fashion, so Leia will not be around for Episode IX, leaving us with just a handful of Original Trilogy characters in a galaxy far, far away. Even Admiral Ackbar (it’s a trap!) met the Maker in The Last Jedi. 

Now, we are left with the duo of R2-D2 and C-3P0, who both have been in every single Star Wars live-action film to date. They are likely to stick around for the final installment of the current trilogy, with the shelf life of droids lasting for millennia — except for K-2S0. Too soon?

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So, this leaves us with Chewbacca and the iconic Millennium Falcon. Even though Chewie is 234 years come the events of The Last Jedi, he is still in his prime for a Wookiee, but he does like to put himself in the thick of conflict, raising the chances of his death in each movie — never tell him the odds, though.

Will Episode IX see the last of Chewie or even the Millenium Falcon? Kevin Smith — writer, director, and comedian — seems to believe so. 

"I think it’s the Falcon. That would really rip all of our hearts out."

Yeah, I’m not sure our hearts would be able to handle the intense hypothetical scene. During The Last Jedi, my heart still skipped a beat during each scene with the Falcon — especially when its theme music blared during the Battle of Crait. I didn’t realize how attached I’ve become to that ship — almost as much as the characters themselves.

I say there’s a high probability that we lose both in the same moment. Chewie has grown fond of Rey and what a way to “rip our hearts out,” with the Wookiee saving her life — while destroying the Falcon in the process. Even though tears would flow like the waterfalls on Naboo, the moment would be ultimately satisfying for Star Wars fans.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is still playing in theatres worldwide, where you can see the Millennium Falcon in action, perhaps for one of the final few times.