The Last Jedi: Vader comic reveals foundations of Luke’s Jedi Order


Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the latest Marvel Star Wars Darth Vader comic have a significant connection…

Star Wars: The Last Jedi reveals how Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Order ended, when Kylo Ren destroyed everything his uncle loved, who spent nearly two decades rebuilding in the process. The same Jedi Order that his father, Darth Vader destroyed, was left to ashes once again by his nephew Ben Solo/Kylo Ren — who was undoubtedly inspired by his grandfather.

Little is known about the origins and foundation of Luke’s Jedi order following the events of Return of the Jedi, but more details were recently revealed in the latest Marvel Star Wars comic, Darth Vader (2017). Come to find out, a surviving Jedi of the ruthless Order 66, laid the foundation of what would later become a crucial part of reforming Light within the galaxy.

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Jocasta Nu. You might remember her as the annoying librarian from Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The very Jedi Master whom Obi-Wan Kenobi seeks out during his detective work in tracking down Jango Fett.

She later makes a few appearances in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but outside of those brief appearances, not much is known about the archivist, until now. The latest few issues of the Marvel Star Wars Darth Vader comic adds much depth to her character, making her a major player even decades later in the Star Wars story. Jocasta is even likable in this story arc, where you’ll no doubt feel sadness when Vader slays her in cold-blood.

The Force guides Jocasta in creating several Holocrons, leaving instructions for her future Jedi hopefuls. Sadly, Darth Vader destroys her before she can find new students of her own to teach, but the hope of the Light is not lost.

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Come to find out; those Holocrons contain vital information for the ultimate survival of the Jedi Order. At this point, we are unsure precisely what legacy she left, but Luke Skywalker ends up discovering these instructions years later, no doubt using these in establishing his new generation of Jedi learners.

Add this to the Force-sensitive trees, the Jedi compass, and exploration with Light Side embassador Lor Sen Tekka, this would make for one heck of a Star Wars TV series or movie — with Luke Skywalker methodically and carefully bringing the Jedi Order back to the galaxy. We even have the perfect man for the role, in Sebastian Stan, who’s shown interest in playing this version of Luke.

Once again, the Star Wars canon provides fans with a major payoff, showing how much it binds the galaxy together. Great care the Lucasfilm story group has taken in its efforts to establish a cohesive and non-contradicting Star Wars timeline for us fans.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is playing in theatres, worldwide, while the Marvel Star Wars Darth Vader (2017) continues its fantastic run of stories.