Photos surface of Ewoks on the set of Solo: A Star Wars Story


Photos of the menacing warriors from the planet Endor surface from the set of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

With Solo: A Star Wars Story just months away now, Star Wars fans are eagerly and patiently awaiting the first trailer for the upcoming film. Thus far, we’ve received zero footage from the film, leaving many among the Star Wars faithful anxious in the process.

Recently we’ve received a synopsis from Solo, to go with other rumors floating around on what to expect in the movie. Joining the party are the adorable Ewoks who aided the Rebel Alliance in winning the Battle of Endor. Don’t let their cute appearance fool you though, with these tribal creatures capable of holding their own.

Recent photos from the set of Solo: Star Wars Story surfaced, what appears to be images of these very Ewoks. If they do make an appearance in Solo, what role could the Ewoks play in the film?

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The Empire is known for its oppressive slavery, so it is possible a handful of Ewoks are used for intense labor of some kind. Or even worse, test subjects for the ruthless Imperials. Maybe the Ewoks will be part of softening the hard-heart of Han Solo, where he later aids them in freeing their homeworld of Endor.

Is it a wise choice in bringing the Ewoks back to a galaxy far, far away? They received a “Luke” warm response in their initial appearance in Return of the Jedi, with Lucasfilm straying away from them in Star Wars films ever since. Honestly, Lucasfilm needs to embrace its culture, which includes the likes of Ewoks, Gungans — even the infamous Jar Jar Binks.

Now, this means the entirety of the saga, including aspects not embraced by everyone. The Force Awakens did many things well but missed the mark when embracing the past — especially the Prequels. Hopefully moving forward, Star Wars content will include all of its aspects, not just the dogmatic views of the Original Trilogy. The Last Jedi wasn’t afraid to encompass this philosophy, and hopefully Solo continues along the same noble path, by bringing the Ewoks back to the big screen.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theatres May 25, 2018, worldwide.