Disney is brilliantly waiting to release Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer


Disney/Lucasfilm are marketing geniuses for waiting to release the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Where in the Force is the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer? No seriously, where is it? With less than four months until its May 2018 theatrical release, Star Wars fans across the galaxy are still waiting for a trailer. Any footage at all to sooth our curious and concerned souls.

In June of 2017, Lucasfilm announced that they “decided to part ways” with original co-directors of the film, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller. Ever since that “mutual” breakup, concerns for the film surfaced, and rightfully so.

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Disney/Lucasfilm righted the Falcon, by bringing in Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard to take over directorial duties of Solo: A Star Wars Story. For a brief moment, his presence relieved our anxieties, but without the release of a trailer, those concerns continue to grow and grow.

Even though it pains Star Wars fans, this approach is a bit of marketing genius on the part of Disney/Lucasfilm. What better way to build excitement than waiting until the last possible moment to release footage for the film.

Typically, this move would be unwise, but with the before mentioned speed bumps for the project thus far, this approach is genius. For any other movie franchise, the lack of a trailer would kill any momentum, but Star Wars is a whole different animal. Using reverse psychology, of sorts, has turned a film that many did not want, into one of mystery and intrigue.

Ron Howard is marketing the film brilliantly, also, giving fans just a small taste of the film, with images from the set — teasing us, really. Having the film’s director use his personal social media as the sole advertising for the film shows that the Mouse knows how to play the game. It’s no wonder Disney rules the world with tactics such as these.

At this point, why not go all the way and just have us go in clean for the movie? Without a single trailer before Solo’s release? You’ve gone this far, Disney. Okay, you called that bluff. You can go ahead and release the trailer at any time now. Thank you.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theatres May 25, 2018, worldwide.