Star Wars Legends characters to appear in future content


The “Holocron keeper,” Leland Chee, drops a major bombshell on future Star Wars content.

Anytime Star Wars canon is mentioned, it’s typically met with one of two reactions — pure love, or the polar opposite of utter hatred. However, both aspects of the Star Wars galaxy work together, bringing balance to Force — binding it together.

The beauty of the recently established Star Wars storyline is that the Lucasfilm story group pulls from the Legends vault, implementing the better aspects of the former Expanded Universe into the actual storyline. A prime example is a return of Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels, who initially appeared in the now legends trilogy of novels — Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command.

Also, Revan is slowly working his way into Star Wars canon, with his presence felt within recent content — including The Last Jedi. Now, leave it to a Lucasfilm guru to tease us once again on Twitter, dropping this Death Star-sized bombshell while interacting with fans on Twitter.

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No, it’s not Pablo Hidalgo, but his partner in crime Leland Chee, known as the Holocron Keeper at Lucasfilm, revealing this exciting development. Now, the possibilities are endless on who and what Star Wars Legends aspects are joining the likes of Thrawn into the actual storyline, but it’s enough to get the Midi-chlorians flowing, that’s for sure.

The likes of Revan are the heavy favorites to return, where he nearly appeared in the Mortis arc of The Clone Wars but instead hit the cutting room floor. However, Dave Filoni is known to use aspects and even old unused animation from The Clone Wars in Rebels, so the odds of Revan returning in the final few episodes are very possible.

The beauty of the Star Wars “reset” of sorts, is that the Lucasfilm story group is not handcuffed with future storytelling. Disney acquiring Lucasfilm in 2012 was the best thing for the franchise, no matter what angry fanboys tell you on the internet.

Keep in mind, the current Lucasfilm story group are hard-core fans like all of us, and some members were even involved with the creation of old Legends material. We here at Dork Side of the Force love (most) of the Star Wars Legends material, but the canon is a necessary evil. Every story is now connected and our favorite heroes and villains of time’s past are slowly making their triumphant returns.

Plus, you can read your favorite Legends novels to this very day. It’s not like Disney took every book and threw them into the fires of Mustafar, or, deleted them from the archive memory like Kamino. They are still around for us to consume and enjoy. Now, it seems, we will also enjoy our favorite Legends in the newer material, which is a tremendous gift from the Maker.

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With this tease by Chee, who is returning next to Star Wars material? Our bets are on the return of Revan, but we hope he’s just the beginning, with other Legends soon to follow.