Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer now likely to air during the Super Bowl [UPDATE]


According to a new report, it appears as if the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story will air during the Super Bowl…

UPDATE 2.2.2018: It seems as if Lucasfilm will be releasing a version of the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer on Good Morning America, on Monday morning, February 5, the day after the Super Bowl. Now, this doesn’t mean there won’t be a version of the trailer played during the big game, but by initial reports, it looks like we might get a 30-second teaser on Sunday night, then a full-length trailer on Monday.

The ticketing website for GMA initially listed a breakdown for Monday’s show, but it was quickly removed. An eagle-eyed Redditor grabbed a quick screenshot for posterity.

Why would Disney decide to show a trailer for Solo a day after airing a teaser for the film? Well, as NBC hosts the Super Bowl, and GMA is on ABC (Disney’s own network) it makes sense the company would want to release the full trailer on its own home court.

Oh, Ron Howard, you tease.

2.1.2018: It’s been an interesting January for Disney/Lucasfilm in regards to the second Star Wars standalone film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. At first, there were reports the film’s first trailer would air during the Super Bowl, and then just as quickly, those reports seemed to be debunked. Now, as we are a mere three days away from the NFL’s championship game, it would appear as if the trailer is back on the menu.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, while Disney has kept a tight lid on what it will be bringing to the big game, “Hollywood experts” believe one of the possible three Super Bowl buy-in spots the Mouse has purchased will, in fact, be for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

It makes sense to release the film’s first trailer during the NFL’s biggest night, as Solo’s May 25 release date is less than four months away. Of course, Disney/Lucasfilm could be holding its cards close to the vest in order to keep the mystery surrounding Ron Howard’s reshoots as much of a secret as possible until the absolute latest it could wait until the situation reaches critical mass, in regard to releasing a trailer ahead of the movie’s release. But is that the smartest play?

Another thought is that Disney could wait until the Winter Olympics kick off on February 9, to release the first trailer. It would mirror the same marketing strategy (partially, at least) it had for Rouge One in 2016. However, time is not on Mickey’s side, and the Super Bowl will make the biggest bang for its buck.

Next: Solo: A Star Wars Story will introduce three planets to live-action for the very time.

At $5 million per 30 seconds of ad time, the trailer itself would need to carry plenty of bang. Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25.