Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer may not air during the Super Bowl


Disney’s Super Bowl ad lineup has been revealed and there is no mention of a trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story…

We are one week away from Super Bowl 52 between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. A major part of the fun and excitement surrounding the NFL’s championship event are the commercials paid for big companies and played during the game itself.

With NBC raking in a whopping $5 million per 30 seconds of ad time, big studios like Netflix, Paramount, and Disney are carefully choosing which film(s) they will push, and for how long. In a recent report from Deadline, it appears as if Disney’s big push will be for Marvel’s Black Panther.

"While Disney will have a presence during the Super Bowl, they’re tight-lipped about their plans. Deadline has knowledge that they will run a 30-second and 45-second spot. A good guess is that a Marvel trailer or two will run, specifically Black Panther and/or Avengers: Infinity War (May 4)."

The article notes that Marvel usually runs trailers for its big films during the Super Bowl, and with Black Panther hitting theaters in February and Avengers: Infinity Wars coming at the beginning of May, it would make sense to throw $5 million at each film in order to turn the marketing up a notch.

But where does this leave Solo: A Star Wars Story?

As you well know, besides the occasional tweet from Ron Howard, there has been absolutely zero marketing for the second stand-alone Star Wars film, and we’ve even posited this could be a genius move on Disney’s part. Since Lord and Miller were relieved of their writing and directing duties on Solo, Ron Howard has taken control of the ship and Disney/Lucasfilm has clamped down on the film that was once shrouded in controversy.

Disney has yet to air a Star Wars trailer during the Super Bowl since it acquired Lucasfilm and began making Star Wars films again, which makes it highly unlikely for the Mouse to reverse that trend now.

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Another important fact to keep in mind, since there has been no trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story and since we are a mere four months away from the film’s release at the end of May, any trailer shown would need to be more than 30-45 seconds in length. And, since Disney has two slots that are just that (30-45 seconds), then it makes a case that there will be no Solo trailer shown during the Super Bowl.

However, not all is lost. As Deadline notes, in 2016, Disney took perfect advantage of the Summer Olympics and released the trailer for Rogue One during those games. If it were to use the Olympics again, then fans should be looking from the 9th of February to the 25th.

Still, we won’t know anything for sure until the actual Super Bowl is played next Sunday, and Disney’s films get their time in the spotlight. But, after looking over the information provided, this writer feels like we won’t see the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story until at some point during the Winter Olympics. Stay Tuned.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to hit theaters on May 25.