The Empire Strikes Back “ruined” Star Wars before The Last Jedi did


In a fun exchange on Twitter, Star Wars fans discover that The Empire Strikes Back “ruined” a galaxy far, far away well before The Last Jedi did.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, better known as the shatter-point that divided fandom within a galaxy far, far away. Starting with Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm from the Maker of Star Wars, George Lucas for a cool $4 billion — the Star Wars galaxy has not been the same ever since.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when the former Expanded Universe was sent into the Star Wars Legends Vault, with the establishing of the Star Wars canon. Certain fanboys even petitioned the new storyline, creating websites such as, calling for the EU timeline to return.

Recently, Star Wars fan and YouTuber Patrick Willems “discovered” that The Empire Strikes back “ruined” Star Wars 37 years before The Last Jedi did — taking to Twitter with this fun exchange.

I know that Rian Johnson is relieved to know that Irvin Kershner “ruined” the franchise well before he did. The weight of the world is no doubt lifted off of his shoulders.

He was just getting started, revealing that the love story of Han and Leia and the corny “humor” destroyed all the original film, A New Hope built up.

I know Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen are both exhaling vast sighs of relief, knowing that they were only following the examples of Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. Love stories have no place in a Star Wars films. Get them out of here!

What the heck, Lucas, and Kershner. We had NEVER seen a character use telekinesis in a Star Wars film, so why in the world are you ruining the mythology of a galaxy far, far away in the process? You writers are utterly ridiculous. How do you all have jobs?

What made The Empire Strikes Back a laughable film was the reveal of Darth Vader being a disfigured, vulnerable old dude.

Imagine if Twitter and Social Media were around in the 1980s? “Your Darth Vader theory sucks” T-shirts would no doubt have been worn across the globe. Speaking of Vader, what’s with the slap-stick humor of him offing his subordinates over and over again? Talk about over “kill.”

I thought Star Wars was supposed the be about “war”?

How in the world did Luke become so powerful? What a “Mary Sue” he turned out to be — this is SO ridiculous.

The walk-off shot and best moment of these series of tweets was the “demand” for The Empire Strikes Back to join The Last Jedi on the petition to be taken out of the Star Wars canon.

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Mr. Willems, you win the month and maybe the year on Social Media. Thank you for pointing out that Star Wars has always provided comedy, introducing new intricacies of the Force, and its heroes gaining power much quicker than they should have. These themes are nothing new and The Last Jedi, or The Empire Strikes Back, did NOT ruin Star Wars. 

In fact, both films share many of the same ideas and similarities. Both movies are ground-breaking and fantastic, no matter what salty fanboys tell you on the Internet.

Also, thank you, Rian Johnson, George Lucas, J.J. Abrams, and all of the writers and directors of this fantastic franchise. Many Star Wars fans do not deserve this amazing galaxy and should be eternally grateful, instead of whining about everything.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is playing in theatres, worldwide — “ruining” the childhood of fanboys across the galaxy, like its predecessor The Empire Strikes Back did before it.