Star Wars: Natalie Portman defends the Prequels in style on SNL


Natalie Portman is going back to her roots returning as Queen Padme Amidala, by creatively defending the Star Wars Prequels on SNL.

Samuel L. Jackson is known as the “BAM” of the Star Wars universe, even engraving that designation on the hilt of his purple lightsaber. However, Jedi Master “Mace Windu” may have company in that category, with Natalie Portman returning as Queen Padme Amidala on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

“Padme” is the Queen of comedy, not holding anything back with her recent appearance on SNL. She will not be rushed, doing as she sees fit.

She does as she pleases, where nothing has changed in 13 years since her last appearance in Revenge of the Sith. Her defense of the Star Wars Prequels is the highlight of the skit, where the infamous Jar Jar Binks also makes a cameo appearance.

*Parent advisory warning for the video. Proceed with caution*

If you missed this episode of SNL, we have you covered with the Star Wars portion of the show. Check it out!

After a 12 year absence from SNL, Natalie Portman makes up for it in spades — including this Star Wars gem. Her initial appearance in 2006 includes an extraordinary and vulgar gangsta rap rendition with Andy Sandberg from Lonely Island. She kicks things up another notch in her return, where she is the ultimate Queen — donning the attire of Amidala last seen in The Phantom Menace. It’s Natalie Portman’s galaxy, and everyone else is just living in it.

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To all of you Prequel haters, you best tread lightly on dissing them in front of Portman. You may end up six-feet under, or worse — we’ll spare you the details. Say something about the Prequels; she dares you.

As far as we know, Portman still has not seen any of the Star Wars movies made after Revenge of the Sith, which they make a witty reference about in the skit. Portman even revealed that she has not shown her son any of the Star Wars films she’s featured in, sparing him from the brutal death of Padme at the hands of Darth Vader.

However, after seeing Portman in this recent skit, I’m even more terrified of her than the ruthless Sith Lord. Luckily for me, I genuinely love the Prequel films — thank the Maker.

Portman is just getting warmed up, where she even defends the most hated being in the entire Star Wars galaxy, Jar Jar Binks. She does more than come to his defense, revealing a hidden truth about the bumbling Gungan.

Evidently, Jar Jar is a ladies man, with a certain part of his anatomy well endowed. Maybe we should confirm with Lucasfilm story group guru Pablo Hidalgo if these measurements are indeed accurate.

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Portman’s resume includes three Star Wars films, three Academy Award nominations, including an Oscar for the film Black Swan, yet, maybe the top performance of her career is on SNL. If you disagree, just make sure you keep it to yourself, and for your safety, keep the Prequels out of it.