Star Wars Rebels: Will we see any flashback scenes of Depa Billaba?


Is there a chance we will see the former Master of Kanan Jarrus, Depa Billaba, in some sort of flashback scene to end Star Wars Rebels?

Star Wars Rebels is gearing up for the final handful of episodes, blazing at light speed down the trench run towards the events of Rogue One and A New Hope. It’s difficult for us to accept, but it’s destined for one, if not more, of our primary Rebels favorites to meet their demise — especially Kanan Jarrus.

The first two episodes back from our hiatus will feature Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Knight, so it’s likely he meets his doom rather quickly — with episode titles such as Jedi Night and Dume a play on words hinting at his fate. With no known Jedi active during the events of A New Hope, Kanan Jarrus is likely to become one with the Force rather quickly.

What better way to send him off than paying tribute to his former life, as a Jedi Padawan — and the woman who gave up her life so Kanan could survive. Jedi Master Depa Billaba is an obscure Star Wars character, but one of great importance.

“You’re lucky I’m not my Master. She’d never let you get away with — all the things you tried to get away with.”

Master Billaba was the Padawan learner of Mace Windu, so we know she has a bit of “BAM” inside of her, for sure. She hails from the mysterious planet Chalacta, where she became a Jedi youngling at a very young age.

We first meet her on-screen in The Phantom Menace, but just a glimpse, where she served on the Jedi High Council. She’s also present during Qui-Gon’s funeral on Naboo. Fast-forward about 13 years in the Star Wars canon timeline, and Master Billaba is no longer a member of the Jedi Council, but considered damaged goods. To restore her confidence, the Jedi Council assigned a young Jedi by the name of Caleb Dume (Kanan) during the Clone Wars.

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She was impressed by Dume’s inquisitive and bold nature, so the two made a great pair as Master and Apprentice. Unfortunately, tragedy struck and the evil Sith Lord Darth Sidious, hiding under the mask of Chancellor Palpatine, executed Order 66 — wiping out most of the Jedi Order.

Billaba risked her life, so Dume could escape, telling him to “run,” and said to him that she would be right behind him — knowing that she would die before reuniting with her student. Her sacrifice allowed Dume to carry on, but he felt responsible for her death, so he abandoned his Jedi life and took the name of Kanan Jarrus.

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Part of him still clung to his past, where for years, he kept (hidden) his lightsaber and precious Holocron that his Master gave him as a gift. Kanan Jarrus found his way, taking on a student of his own, and through a Force vision directed by Master Yoda, finally became a Jedi Knight.

He later was blinded by Maul, formerly, Darth, but his powers only grew — and with them his love for Hera Syndulla. Now, his true love is captured, and he must save her from the clutches of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Empire.

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With the odds stacked against him in surviving, what better way to go out not only saving Hera but his student, Ezra Bridger. How cool would it be for the “run” moment from the Kanan comic to come around full-circle?

Even better, what if we see Billaba in a flashback, inspiring Jarrus to follow in her footsteps?

Initially, she was projected to make her debut on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but the merger with Disney killed that dream, so they have the unused concept art for Master Billaba in the Lucasfilm archives.

There is no better moment than sending off a Jedi who lost is way, then found it again, become one with the Force in the most Jedi of ways — sacrifice — with Kanan telling Ezra, his love, and the rest of the Ghost crew to run, knowing full well he won’t survive himself. Aren’t you getting choked up just thinking about the possibility?

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Star Wars Rebels returns on Disney XD, February 19.