Darth Vader Marvel Star Wars Issue # 11: A new test


He’s alone in the Universe, where the allies of Darth Vader are his most significant threats.

In the latest installment of the current run of Darth Vader from Marvel Star Wars, we learn that being a Sith isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Whereas the Jedi were a brotherhood, the Sith fend for themselves. There are no allies in this world, only masters and servants.

The issue welcomes us to Canaria of the Colonies region. It is here where Darth Vader meets with the Ninth Sister, of the Sith Inquisitorius. They are there to investigate the rumored appearance of a Jedi. During their casual conversation, we learn that the Ninth Sister is still harboring a grudge against Darth Vader — which is not surprising since he took her left eye.

We also learn the Ninth Sister’s highly gifted in reading emotions through the Force. She understands Vader’s desire to prove himself in combat — one that will lead Vader directly into a trap, which the Ninth Sister would gladly see him perish in.

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The Sith aren’t the only ones hunting Jedi.

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Vader enters the Cantina to question the locals. In a scene typical of a western, the locals seem unimpressed wobble Vader’s presence. And it becomes evident that they don’t seem eager to talk. It’s at this precise moment that a family of Bounty Hunters attempts the take Vader out. They quickly disarm him, but they don’t realize that a lightsaber is but one of the many weapons in Vader’s arsenal.

The bounty hunters make a run for it, realizing they’re overmatched. Slipping past the Ninth Sister who not only ignored a distress call from Vader but also did not put up a fight when the Bounty Hunters took her Speeder.

The Ninth Sister’s lack of assistance isn’t lost on Vader. He questions whether or not she led him to this trap. Perhaps it’s retaliation for her lost eye. She assures Vader that she’s not responsible while he holds the Inquisitor’s own lightsaber at her throat. Vader then takes off after the assailants.

Vader continues to learn that he can’t trust anyone.

Vader, both a gifted Force user and pilot, quickly catches the Bounty Hunters. It is in his questioning of these fools that he learns the true nature of this attack. For this trap, this attack was ordered by none other than Emperor Palpatine himself. A test perhaps for his apprentice? Or another attack on the life of the only Force wielder who could potentially challenge him. Time will tell us that it’s both.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm, Marvel

In this issue, we get the start of another fantastic arc in this Darth Vader run. We get to see first hand the treachery Vader faces at the hands of the Emperor. Gone is the nurturing relationship they once had as Jedi and Supreme Chancellor — replaced with the abusive relationship of a Sith Lord and his Apprentice. Slowly but surely this will turn Vader from the loyal servant we see here, to the one who plots to overthrow the Emperor, once he discovers his son is living a few decades later.

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