Star Wars Rebels: What will become of Ezra Bridger in Rebels Season 4?


What will happen to Ezra Bridger at the end of Star Wars Rebels Season 4?

The end for Star Wars Rebels is approaching at a lightspeed pace, with just a few episodes remaining. The fate of the Ghost crew hangs in the balance, with only Hera guaranteed survival during the Original Trilogy era.

The fate of Kanan Jarrus is dark and dire one, while his apprentice Ezra Bridger has more of a clouded future. With both characters not around during the events of A New Hope and beyond, something has to give. Where is Ezra Bridger during the climax of the Galactic civil war?

Possible fate: Ezra dies during Star Wars Rebels Season 4

Death is a natural part of life but would be a dull end for the primary hero of Star Wars Rebels. With his Master, Kanan Jarrus likely meeting the Maker in the next two episodes, Ezra may just follow in his footsteps. An encounter with Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious is looming, and the power of the Dark Side may be too much for Ezra.

No doubt Ezra will be faced with a choice — join the Dark Side or die. Ezra’s dead set on destroying the Sith and withstood the advances of Maul (formerly Darth), so the latter option is the more likely of the two.

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However; the seduction methods of the Emperor provide a quick and easy path, are more seductive. At this point, Ezra could be desperate to help his friends and gives in — like Anakin Skywalker years before him.

Speaking of Skywalker, Ezra may just die at the hands of the former Jedi Knight, Darth Vader. In latest Darth Vader comic run, the Sith Lord does whatever it takes to eliminate any competition. He even destroys a Holocron crystal, containing the names and locations of Force-sensitive younglings across the galaxy — feeling the Emperor may have plans of replacing him someday.

Darth Vader feels the same way about Ezra, viewing him as a child. However, this boy has grown more powerful since their last meeting and is a real threat to replace him at the Emperor’s side. So, a very likely option is that Darth Vader destroys Ezra to maintain his place as Sith apprentice. Treachery is the way of the Sith.

Possible fate: Ezra leaves the known galaxy, venturing into the Unknown

If Dave Filoni and the Lucasfilm story group choose another path outside of death for Ezra Bridger, the only other option would be journeying into the Unknown Regions — or somewhere more sinister. Within the Star Wars canon, both Grand Admiral Thrawn and Snoke hail from the Unknown Regions — and it’s also where the defeated Empire retreats after their defeat to the Rebel Alliance concluding the Galactic civil war.

It’s also a possible destination for Ezra, who may flee to the Unknown after suffering a terrible loss — with the fate of his friends heading down a dark, dark path. His group of Rebels is projected to disperse, and he may flee into the unexplored part of the galaxy, seeking answers.

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The mysterious Force “planet” of Mortis may surface once again, introducing the story in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 

We’ve already gone into great detail on the origins of Mortis, where you can read its origins here. 

The Father, Son, and Daughter were destroyed during the Clone Wars era so that the Force could be seeking out replacements for the trio. Mortis is where Ahsoka may be dwelling, where she’s seeking out Ezra to help her maintain balance within the Force.

Even though it’s a peculiar and honestly, confusing world, settling on Mortis would be a creative way to send Ezra off. If I were a betting man, that’s the option I would choose.

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Star Wars Rebels returns on Disney XD, February 19 — just one day away!