Star Wars: The Last Jedi novel provides clues on Kylo Ren’s possible redemption


Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization doesn’t hit bookstores until March 6, however; a recent leak of the book has given us all sorts of goodies, including more details on Kylo Ren’s clouded future.

Man, have we been having a field day here at Dork Side with the Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization leaks! We, along with all of you fantastic Star Wars fans, have been waiting with baited breath for the novel to hit bookshelves near us.

Naturally, when some details became available, we jumped at the opportunity to get a little taste of the novel. We’ve published several articles already detailing what we know so far. I’m here to deliver a little bit more information that seeped from the pages of the yet unreleased novel:

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  • When Rose and Finn are taken captive on Snoke’s ship, Hux recognizes the medallion that Rose wears. He uses this information to trash her homeworld.
  • When Rey calls Kylo “Ben,” he tells her: “That’s my old name.”
  • Naturally, Kylo believes that Rey’s mercy in leaving him alive will be her ultimate downfall.
  • Rey’s mistake was thinking it would be simple to make Kylo Ren turn. However, the novel makes it clear that even though, at this point, he’s only turned on Snoke, the future holds many possibilities for him.
  • Leia is aware that Luke is simply a projection and that he really isn’t there in the flesh. She can tell this when they hold hands.
  • When Luke and Kylo meet face to face (well sort of), Luke recognizes that there is more than just anger in Kylo Ren. He also senses pain and fear.
  • Right before he vanishes on Ach-To, Luke believes that he hears someone say, “Let go Luke.”
  • Rey chooses to sever the connection between her and Kylo. She feels no more empathy for him.
  • There is a bonus section involving the Caretakers on Ahch-To. In this section, they recall those who came to the island before Luke.

Wow! There is SO MUCH to unpack here. First off, the fact that the novel recognizes many different potential futures for Kylo Ren means that Episode IX could go just about anywhere.

After watching The Last Jedi for the billionth time, I became more and more focused on what both Rey and Luke say about Kylo’s future. Rey says with such passionate conviction that if she went to Kylo, he would turn. This tidbit from The Last Jedi might mean that she’s right. Maybe their interaction will have some positive effect on his future, and he’ll turn. Even though she loses compassion for him and chooses to move on, there is still hope for Kylo.

Luke’s recognition of the pain and fear in Kylo also speaks to the possibilities for his future. There is still conflict in him. He isn’t just filled with rage; he’s still wrestling with wounds from his past. Maybe there is still hope for him to learn to forgive and return to the light.

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Who is speaking to Luke before he lets go and vanishes on Ahch-To? Could those be the wise, echoing words of Master Yoda who chided Luke for hanging on to the past? Or maybe his mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who spoke similar words to Luke in A New Hope?

Who were these other people who visited Ahch-To? Presumably, the visitors were other Jedi. Were they visiting to study the ancient texts? Or were they, like Luke, hoping to escape from painful mistakes in their past?

This detail from the novel is perhaps the one that interests me the most. Ahch-To is so mysterious and magical. I personally am just dying to know more about it. I’d love to read an entire novel about the various comings and goings on Ahch-To and the history of the planet. Who else would read a whole novel about Ahch-To? Anyone? Just me?

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What details are you all most excited about? Let us know in the comments! Also, make sure to pick up a copy of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization when it comes out so you can glean other juicy details from the pages!

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