Star Wars Rebels introduces time-travel to a galaxy far, far away


Star Wars Rebels Season 4 takes a big swing, introducing time-travel to a galaxy far, far away. Did the risk pay off, though?

Star Wars Rebels is not messing around, with the final few episodes pulling out all of the stops. First, Kanan Jarrus goes out epically, sacrificing himself for the greater good of the Rebel Alliance — in true Jedi fashion.

If that wasn’t enough, Rebels Season 4 ushered in the return of the Senate himself, Emperor Palpatine, voiced by the legendary Ian McDiarmid. The Sith Master is as evil and bad ass as ever. Then, out of nowhere, we were taken back in time to a moment of great importance. Ahsoka vs. Darth Vader, through the (certain) point of view of Ezra Bridger.

Inside of the Jedi temple and using the Force as his guide, Ezra’s granted access to a mysterious time portal, with the ability to travel back in time. He uses the new resource to rescue Ahsoka Tano from the death blow of Darth Vader, bringing her to the present age. Ahsoka lives!

Is this idea of time-travel wise to bring into the Star Wars universe? Absolutely. But, that’s not how the Force works, right? Wrong.

This concept is not new. In fact, we have seen this before, during the Clone Wars era. Embracing his inner Doc Brown and Marty McFly, Ezra was able to cheat death — an offer given to Anakin Skywalker by Palpatine years before this moment.

Does this sound familiar?

"“He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.”"

Also, later on in Revenge of the Sith.

"To cheat death is a power only one has achieved but if we work together, I know we can discover the secret."

Emperor Palpatine’s offer to Anakin may have been more truthful than we initially believed. During this episode of Rebels Season 4, he finally discovers the secret to this very path of immortality. It’s even stated in the episode, by the Emperor’s advisor, that the one who controls this time-portal, achieves power for all time.


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Fortunately for Ezra and the rest of the galaxy, the Emperor’s plans are foiled, at least for now. Imagine if Darth Vader learned what his Master discovered? He could change his fate and embrace the path of Anakin Skywalker. But, like always, the Emperor keeps his Apprentice on a leash and doesn’t share this wealth of knowledge with him.

Dave Filoni and the Lucasfilm story group found a fresh new way to use the Force — brilliantly showing us the fate of Ahsoka. Now, Ahsoka lives, and with that, new stories of her within future Star Wars content. And, who knows, maybe she’ll encounter Luke Skywalker — with the circle now complete.

Once again, Star Wars is coming around full-circle and who knows, maybe we’ll see more traveling through time and innovative Force powers in Episode IX. As Count Dooku says, this is just the beginning!

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Star Wars Rebels Season 4 and the series concludes next week on Disney XD, with two brand new episodes — including an hour-long finale.