Solo: A Star Wars Story prequel novel excerpt shows a young Ben Solo


Read an excerpt from the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story prequel, Last Shot, which flashes forward to a young Ben Solo.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is less than 100 days away, but Lucasfilm kindly is providing us with some reading material to hold us over until May — with the likes of Star Wars Last Shot. 

Before the mighty Kylo Ren took the mantle of Supreme Leader of the galaxy, his beginnings were more humble of origins. Instead of being a torn man, conflicted with both Light and Darkness, goodness flowed through his soul.

However, as time went on, Ben Solo displayed more and more of his grandfather — Darth Vader’s angry streak. According to The Last Jedi novelization, as a youngling, Ben Solo destroyed household objects in fits of rage. “He’s always had a bit of Vader in him.” Even with such spurts of the Dark Side, he was a good child.

Picture a young Ben Solo playing with a pair of dice, the precious keepsake his hero father used to win a legendary vessel the Millenium Falcon — have you heard of it? In an upcoming Star Wars novel, featuring Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, we’ll get a taste of not only their past but also flashforward to the early stages of Ben Solo’s beginnings. Before the Dark times. Before Kylo Ren.

Here’s a taste of the upcoming novel Star Wars Last Shot, featuring a Rebel hero and his young son — a nice lead-in to Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

Star Wars ‘Solo’ Comic Books CR: Disney

"Han Solo woke with a tiny foot in his face and an irri­tating droid voice in his ear. “What?” The tiny foot was attached to the tiny body of Ben Solo, mercifully sleeping for what seemed like the first time in days. Han’s eyes went wide. Would the boy wake?I will transfer the holo from Chancellor Mon Mothma immedi­ately,” Leia’s protocol droid T-2LC droned.“What? No!” Han sat up, still trying not to move Ben too much. He was shirtless, and his hair was almost certainly pointing in eight different directions. He probably had crust on his face. He didn’t much want to talk to Mon Mothma under regular circumstances, let alone half naked and bedheaded.“Leia?” a voice said as the room lit up with the ghostly blue holo­projection.Ben stirred, kicked Han once in the face…Ben’s eyes sprang open to a shining blue form dancing around him. He burst into tears. Han shook his head; couldn’t blame the kid, really—Han probably would’ve done the same thing if he’d suddenly woken to find himself enveloped in a Mon Mothma glow cloud. Which in a way he almost had, now that he thought about it. “Shh, come here, big guy.” He reached his hands under his son’s little arms and pulled him up so Ben was sobbing into Han’s chest. Han felt that tiny heartbeat pitter-pattering away as Ben snorfled and sniffed."

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Scenes such as this are what makes the Star Wars canon, unlike any other franchise’s timeline. At one time, Ben Solo’s future was full of optimism. Light. Promise. One of the mighty Skywalker blood and with the heart of his father, Han Solo. But then something went wrong.

At some point, a mysterious evil entity known as Snoke turned his noble heart into one of conflict. Hate. Pain. Darkness. Luke Skywalker informs his sister, Leia, while discussing Ben Solo, that “the brighter the light, the darker the shadow.” He was spot on, no doubt using his father, Anakin Skywalker as inspiration.

A young man who once hero-worshipped every step his father took, was so full of the Dark Side that he killed that very hero. The next time you watch The Force Awakens, it will hit you to the core with all of them feels. Or, when you’re watching your brand new Blu-ray copy of The Last Jedi, you’ll look at Kylo Ren with fresh eyes. You’ll certainly be rooting for his redemption and not his destruction. You’ll see him as Rey does. 

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Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theatres May 25, 2018, with Last Shot hitting bookstores April 17.