Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Rey’s vision of Kylo Ren’s future revealed


The Star Wars: The Last Jedi illustrated book reveals what Rey saw in her Force vision of the clouded future of Kylo Ren.

For those of you hoping for a Rey and Kylo Ren romance, or “Reylo,” beyond Star Wars: The Last Jedi, your wish may just come true. The illustrated book for The Last Jedi recently surfaced, providing us with some juicy details of what Rey saw in regards to the clouded future of Kylo Ren.

"“Rey breathed a sigh of relief. Kylo finally had decided to join her just like she anticipated. Together they could return to Luke and rebuild a New Jedi Order. They would never have to be alone again.”"

If it wasn’t obvious already, Rey and Kylo did, in fact, have romantic feelings and a physical attraction towards one another — with thisThe Last Jedi book confirming what we saw on screen.

We are just getting started, so brace yourselves for more of them emotional feels.

"“She trusted that the force would guide her to kylo so she could bring him back to the light side.”"

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Rey risked it all to save the torn soul of the one she loves. If that isn’t true love, nothing else is — with the state of the galaxy hanging in the balance with such decision — once Rey arrived at Snoke’s home base, no doubt the thoughts of “I have a bad feeling about this,” were ringing through her fragile mind.

"“Rey turned to Kylo and told him ‘i knew there was still good in you’ but Kylo just made a grimace. Something was not okay.”"

Kylo Ren believed that Rey would be the one who’d turn, using his knowledge of her parents as the means to seduce her to the Dark Side. However, Rey resists, and any chance of redemption for Kylo Ren closed like the door of the Millenium Falcon did on him at the end of The Last Jedi. Or did it?

Hope for Kylo Ren, all though dim, may still be a possibility. It’s also told that his mother, Leia, felt Kylo’s torn soul through the Force. Not one of hatred, or even Darkness, but of something else entirely.

"“Kylo thought he was going to be full of hate, instead he just felt love and… sadness.”"

We also have confirmation that in The Last Jedi novelization that Kylo Ren would have stopped the blast that injured his mother with the Force if he wasn’t caught off guard. A glimmer of light persists within Kylo Ren. But, did it burn out once he chose to kill Snoke for his evil purposes, embracing a new life as the Supreme Leader? I would say no, with his expression at the end of The Last Jedi says it all.

As Kylo Ren is clutching the dice of his father, the same ones he once held as a kid idolizing his dad as a youngling, an expression of regret is written all over his face. Once the events of Episode IX roll around, Kylo will have one last chance of returning to the Light.

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Will he choose the quick and easy path of the Dark Side, or will he leave his life as Kylo Ren and become Ben Solo once again? That story is for J.J. Abrams to tell and no matter what path of storytelling he goes down, we hope it’s a creative rendition.