Watch Star Wars Rebels all seasons, episodes for free (Video)


For those of you wondering how to catch up on Star Wars Rebels before the finale, or if you want to rewatch all of the episodes just for sport; we’ve got you covered!

It’s hard to believe, but Star Wars Rebels is nearly over, with the final episodes airing Monday night. What a ride it’s been, with Supervising director Dave Filoni and the Lucasfilm story group delivering the goods for nearly four years now. It’s impressive, most impressive that a show with a Youth-7 rating appeals to Star Wars fans of all ages — displaying the exceptional talents of Filoni and his entire crew.

Filoni and company also did a fantastic job of focusing on the new characters, instead of turning Rebels into a Clone Wars reunion show or focusing too much on the Original trilogy characters. Anytime a big name pops up on Rebels; there’s always a purpose for it.

Characters such as Darth Vader — voice by the iconic James Earl Jones once again — could have been overused, but Dave Filoni has the utmost respect for his character. For other Star Wars legends, as well. He didn’t want to water down their greatness by turning Star Wars Rebels into a nostalgic reunion, of sorts.

So, anytime Darth Vader, (the former Darth) Maul, Ahsoka, the Emperor, among others appeared; the stakes are at their highest.

I’m also extremely happy for Dave Filoni, who’s able to end Star Wars Rebels on his own terms — unlike the Clone Wars which concludes prematurely. You deserve it, Mr. Filoni!

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As we approach the end of Rebels Season 4, it may have been a while since you’ve seen past episodes. Or, if you’re late to the party, you might want to catch up for the Rebels Season 4 finale. Whichever boat you’re in, we have you covered on how to watch EVERY single episode of Star Wars Rebels, leading up to the series finale Monday night.

Disney XD has every single season and episode on their app Watch Disney Now app or WatchDisneyXDGo — whether you prefer using your computer, smartphone, or tablet devices.

Watch Rebels now on your computer with WatchDisneyXDGo

Watch Rebels now on the WatchDisneyNow app on your phone or tablet device. 

You are welcome. Now, you have all Saturday, Sunday, and even Monday to catch up on Star Wars Rebels. Call in “sick” from work if you have to; since watching Rebels and gearing up for the Rebels Season 4 finale is your number one priority.

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Star Wars Rebels concludes this Monday on Disney XD, with two brand new episodes — including an hour-long finale. It’s very generous of Disney to allow us all to watch Rebels for free, so take advantage of this great gift! But, ready or not, here it comes — the end of an era.