Star Wars video games we want and studios that could make them

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A Good Star Wars Battlefront by DICE

I haven’t given up entirely on EA and DICE yet. The military based Battlefield games are just too good. They manage to blend fun, fast-paced action with large-scale, epic warfare. Unfortunately, the Battlefield experience didn’t quite translate over into DICE’s Battlefront. We’ve already discussed the issues plaguing EA’s Star Wars Battlefront games.

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However, if they created an entry in the series more in line with the Battlefield games, rather than one that attempts to capture casual gamers or boost profits through micro-transactions, I’d be willing to give them another shot.

Imagine a first-person Battlefront with the scale of 2013’s Battlefield 4 or 2016’s Battlefield 1. The latter features multiplayer matches featuring up to 64 total players while EA’s Battlefront II pales in comparison with only up to 40 players per side.

A Battlefront game in the vein of Battlefield would feature not only close-quarters soldier on soldier combat but also massive vehicle battles. Imagine AT-ATs facing off against AT-TEs. Yes, I know it’s not canon, but I don’t care. Battlefront is at its most fun when you can create your own stories and battles without being locked into the stories and battles from the movies. Let us have stormtroopers fighting battle droids on Hoth!

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Please, EA. Just make a good Battlefront game worthy of the Star Wars license.