Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization reveals how Snoke destroyed Luke Skywalker’s Jedi


The novelization for Star Wars: The Last Jedi reveals the dark details on how Snoke destroyed the Jedi Order of Luke Skywalker.

The novelization of Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases worldwide today, with those who purchased digitally getting their hands on their copy of the book as early as late Monday evening.

My standard Star Wars tradition is to see the “midnight” showing of the newest release, download the copy of the book adaption, then go see the film again as soon as I’m finished reading the novel. However, with The Last Jedi, I was forced to wait months until getting my “hands” on the written version, but man, was it worth the wait.

It’s no easy task, with my thoughts on the Star Wars Rebels series finale still stirring in my head. A fellow Star Wars fan puts it best with this tweet.

After burning the midnight oil and finishing my copy, details many details from the novel really stuck out to me — items that weren’t in the actual film. Gaining insight from the character’s thoughts, motivations, and historical details are my favorite aspect of the novelization of Star Wars films, with The Last Jedi by far the best to date.

Writer and director of The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, worked closely with the book’s author Jason Fry and boy did it pay off. Especially, with the juicy details on the involvement of Snoke in the destruction of the new Jedi Order — the one Luke Skywalker spend two decades rebuilding. “Pass on, what you have learned.”

Make sure to grab a box kleenex, and you might want to sit down for this — where the Dark Side will leave you feeling the very pain Luke Skywalker himself experience. Here’s an excerpt from The Last Jedi novelization from Snoke’s point of view on how the Jedi Order’s demise went down:

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"“Darth Sidious, heir to the Sith, had been an even greater secret than the Contingency. And the Empire’s explorations into the Unknown Regions had served both aspects of its ruler. For Sidious knew that the galaxy’s knowledge of the Force had come from those long-abandoned, half-legendary star systems, and that great truths awaited rediscovery among them.Truths that Snoke had learned and made to serve his own ends.”"

Hearing these very words makes Snoke’s identity that more intriguing. I understand why it’s omitted from The Last Jedi, but I want to know for sure! But here’s the good stuff, the insight on Luke Skywalker and his demise — thanks to Snoke.

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"“One obstacle had stood in his way—Skywalker. Who had been wise enough not to rebuild the Jedi Order, dismissing it as the “sclerotic, self-perpetuating debating society it had become in its death throes. Instead, the last Jedi had sought to understand the origins of the faith, and the larger truths behind it.Like his father, Skywalker had been a favored instrument of the will of the Cosmic Force. That made it essential to watch him. And once Skywalker endangered Snoke’s design, it had become essential to act. And so Snoke had drawn upon his vast store of knowledge, parceling it out to confuse Skywalker’s path, ensnare his family, and harness Ben Solo’s powers to ensure both Skywalker’s destruction and Snoke’s triumph. Now the endgame he had foreseen was at hand.”"

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Wow. Snoke knew exactly what Luke was up to and how to break him — as Bane did with Batman, of sorts. He played the long game and waited for the precise moment to strike at Skywalker. It makes even more sense why Snoke wanted Skywalker out of the picture because he threatened Snoke’s power as the Supreme Leader.

The words of Han Solo to Ben Solo echo through my head, and now, are more solid and clear.

"“Once Snoke gets what he wants, he’ll crush you.”"

Fortunately for the galaxy, the Skywalker bloodline is not easily thwarted — with Kylo Ren catching Snoke off guard, killing him — while Luke’s found renewed faith in the Force and the Jedi Order. Snoke knew of the potential of the Skywalker power, but his arrogance blinded him from that insight, costing him everything.

Now, even more, a Snoke novelization is a must. Pablo Hidalgo, Leland Chee, or anyone at Lucasfilm who is listening; we want a Snoke origins story, and we want it now. But, we aren’t entirely entitled and are grateful for the extra details within The Last Jedi novel — we just want more of it!

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I highly recommend reading the Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization.

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