Star Wars Rebels series finale Easter eggs you may have missed

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Nods to Star Wars Rebels itself

The Star Wars Rebels series finale also drew back to some of its earlier episodes, proving that the so-called “filler” episodes even had vital importance.

Clone, clones, and more clones.

Wolffe and Gregor now reside in the AT-AT, which they stole from the Empire in the episode Relics of the Old Republic. How touching was Gregor’s final moments when he dies with his former Commander Rex comforting him?

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Honoring the Maker, George Lucas

Zeb mentions he’s in corridor GL-44 before the rebels reach the shield generator on Lothal. Ironically, George Lucas was born in 1944. Also, a Wilhelm Scream is heard at the 38:14 mark of the final Rebels episode — which George Lucas implemented into all of his Star Wars films.

Hera and Han Solo display similar piloting skills

In the latest (teaser) trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, Han Solo performs a barrel roll maneuver, which Hera does during the Battle of Lothal. We also learn that Han Solo and Hera have indeed met, displayed in the animated-short Forces of Destiny.

It’s my favorite episode of the series to this point, so I highly recommend you watching it — and the entire series for that matter.

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The voice of Chopper revealed!

The voice of Chopper’s revealed as Dave Filoni himself. He tells a funny story of why he ended up voicing the iconic droid, in the Rebels panel following the series finale. You should check it out!

During the Epilogue of the final Star Wars Rebels episode, Sabine now has a Purrgil (space whale) painted on her pauldron, replacing the owl design honoring Ahsoka before Ezra’s sacrifice.

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Jacen Syndulla displays an image of a Loth-wolf on his left shoulder, showing that Kanan lives on through his son’s legacy.

Gimli and Legolas

Much like Gimli and Legolas in Lord of the Rings, Zeb and Kallus represent the unique friendship from Tolkien’s universe. The only non-dwarf allowed to reside in Elf homestead was Gimli, just like Kallus on Zeb’s homeworld of Lira San. It’s also a touching moment that Zeb’s people displayed a lesson in forgives, after Kallus nearly aided in eliminated their species from the galaxy.

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I’m sure there are more Star Wars Easter eggs that we missed, so let us know if you caught any others — in our comments below and on social media. Even though the show is over, Disney XD has all of the episodes for free (for now).

Watch all the episodes here while you still can!