Star Wars: Episode IX will see the last of John Williams and that’s okay


Star Wars: Episode IX will send off John Williams from a galaxy far, far away, with the veteran composer calling it quits.

John Williams and the Star Wars galaxy will always be intertwined, even when the legendary decides to move on from a galaxy far, far away. Evidently, that time is sooner than later, with Williams revealing that Star Wars: Episode IX will see the last of an intricate part of the franchise — in a recent radio interview with KUSC.

"“We know J.J. Abrams is preparing one now for next year that I will hopefully do for him, and I look forward to it. It will round out a series of nine and be quite enough for me.”"

Evidently, the primary reason Williams continues scoring the franchise is that of Rey, who Williams’ grown kind fond of ever since her introduction in The Force Awakens. Come to find it out, it was Daisy Ridley or bust for Williams.

"“She said yes, so I said yes.”"

Williams has composed music for over six decades and what better way to cap off his career than with a Star Wars film.  But, once he hangs up his batons for good, is the franchise dead in the water. Or, will it carry on?

Rogue One generated mixed reviews among critics and fans, but overall, Michael Giacchino did a fantastic job — considering he had roughly four weeks to record the entire score. 

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The frontrunner to take the reigns from John Williams is Kevin Kiner, who provided the music from Star Wars Rebels. He once told that his goal isn’t to become a clone of John Williams but to finish what he started, of sorts.

"“I don’t ever want to be, like, Mini-Me John Williams. I don’t think there’s any composer—film composer or composer on earth—who’s as good as him. I’m always looking at what he does and listening to what he does and finding little tricks, but I have to put my own voice to it.“"

The musical score for the Rebels series final episodes was flawless, and he may have earned a promotion to the big time — composing a live-action film next. Time will tell, but it’s likely he gets his shot — hopefully at the same time that Dave Filoni crosses over to live-action (wink, wink Lucasfilm).

The beloved franchise created by George Lucas will be just fine after John Williams rides off into the (twin) sunset. He will be dearly missed, but no doubt his legacy will live on through future musicians, no matter who he passes the torch to moving forward.

Enjoy your retirement, you’ve more than earned it, Mr. Williams!

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Star Wars: Episode IX hits theatres in December of 2019, where we’ll say goodbye to the beloved John Williams.