Star Wars MMORPG: Isn’t it time for a new release?

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The Next Great Star Wars MMORPG

Following Star Wars: Battlefront II, a new bar has been set for graphics in Star Wars gaming. The next Star Wars MMO to really take off will need that level of graphical quality, but it’s time to do away with the side-swapping necessary for competitive first-person shooters. Let players create their own characters. Provide varied and intriguing methods of customizing skills, races, and playstyles. Don’t get bogged down with one developer, but look for the right one with both the expertise and ideas to sell the fans.

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Take that EA quality finish and wrap it all up in a Bioware-style story, then hand the reins to the players. Let them drive the markets; let them mine the ores and build the weapons. Let them be a hairdresser Wookiee who practices Teräs Käsi on the side and moonlights as a Rebel sapper. Make it easier for players to create their own stories, and set it in a canonical era. Perhaps during the fall of the Empire and the formation of the First Order or Resistance.

But please, listen to your player base. Tinkering to improve play is one thing, ripping the guts out of a game years after the fact to appease the negative points reviewers made on release is quite another. Don’t try to shoehorn peripherals or loot boxes into the game just for marketing reasons. Take the good, leave the bad, kill the past if you have to, and give fans the Star Wars MMORPG we all dream of.

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There are plenty of ways to enjoy arcade fun in Star Wars, but in an MMO, we want a shared story, great graphics and to feel that we are part of a galaxy far, far away. Give us what you promised a long time ago… the greatest saga ever told – ours.